Jordan Brand Hosts “ConvHERsations” — a Discussion on Women in the Sneaker Industry

Written by Kenya Heard of Sneakervision

The world is finally in support of the female sneakerhead. Over the weekend, the Jordan Brand hosted a women’s sneaker panel.

The name of the panel was ConvHERsations. There was a panelist of 8 women– myself included– where questions were asked by the moderator regarding how women are feeling about the sneaker industry and releases for women. The audience was 90% women from and not from the sneaker industry or culture.  There was also a conversation on sneaker sizing issues about sneakers that are made for men only, stopping at a size 8. So that leaves women with smaller feet out of the picture.

We also discussed clothing. If you are a female sneakerhead like myself, you don’t often feel included in this category. Women are often left to go straight to the men’s section at a sports apparel boutique. So, we still have work to do as far as making the sneakers and apparel more inclusive for women. 

As the evening came to end, I could sense the feel of a “sneakerhood” amongst the women in the room. It was amazing to be in the presence of women who know what they want from sneaker companies and are not afraid to express themselves. 

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February 14, 2020

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