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You haven’t had to live under a rock for the past few years to not know who one of the coolest hidden gems of the DMV is. Sure, you may have recognized his cool command on Gold Link hit, “Crew”, in 2017 — but aside from this, he’s mostly been under the radar. But that is also his appeal. The knowing of a secret society outside of the world we all live in is something that many of us long for as escapism. In music, it is anything that yearns outside of the Top 40. In today’s current state of music, it is so dominated by cheap hooks and underwhelming gimmicks. Luckily, that is not the case for Brent Fayiaz. His latest effort, “Fuck The World”, has been ringing in rave reviews and perhaps it’s his own message to Top 40 in his quest of creating his own alternate world outside of mainstream music.

Those who have found refuge in Brent’s previous works, including the banger that is “Gang Over Luv”, will find solace once more in this subtle masterpiece. The overall production of the project is sleek and may resort in Fayiaz opting to stay in his comfort zone, but that isn’t always a bad thing when your comfort is now the comfort for so many people. This is evident on the album’s title track, “Fuck The World”. While projecting a motto defined by toxicity, Brent’s execution of emotion is blended effortlessly with soothing bliss that gives you no option but to sing along to the standout track. 

Another standout on the LP, “Let Me Know”, finds the artist once again tapping into his resume. On one hand, the record offers questions on issues surrounding our society. As for the other, the youngster finds himself reflecting on his own possible acts of affection for someone if he is unable to provide love and care for himself; a fitting track in the era of self-care for Millenials. 

That’s not to say you have to wait to get to these tracks to whet your appetite. The album hits into high gear from the opening track, “Skyline”, and is cemented with follow-ups “Clouds” and my personal favorite, “Been Away”. Whether he’s lamenting over dealing with bullshit in “Bluffin”, or striving for more in the motivating “Lost Kids Get Money”, there is something that resonates for non-contemporary listeners of all interests. And if none of these soothe your soul, you’re almost guaranteed to need some sort of rehab, thus you can check out the track “Rehab (Winter in Paris)” for your ride there. 

Overall, while the rising artist’s career is nowhere near the peak it should once reach, this is a promise that his star is continuing to grow. While I cant confidently say fuck the world myself, I feel confident enough to scream it in my car while playing this LP on repeat. 

February 21, 2020

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