Sneaker Feature | Amalie Foss Creates Sneaker-Inspired Coffee Table Book

Studying at the university in Copenhagen, Denmark, Amalie decides to channel her passion for sneakers, design and visual art to create a coffee table book for your senior project.

You can now add Amalie Foss’s new book ‘MOOD’ to my overly saturated collection of aseptically-pleasing coffee table books. Unlike most books from my collection, this one might actually be used. Appealing to the eye, soft in touch (I assume) and self-made– Amalie is already turning pages.

Not only is her new book deliciously mesmerizing with colorful supermarket groceries, models eating abundant amounts of Tacos in designer bags, a dapper beau sipping espresso, vibrant neon splattered paint, adorable puppies, and almost every sneaker known to (wo)man, but she illustrates the behind-the-scenes process of her entire project. You’ll find it both inspiring and refreshing to flip through each page, feeling alive and elated as if you were there throughout the entire journey.

About Amalie Foss Ringgard

Amalie is a 24-year-old student from Copenhagen, Denmark studying film and media production with a special interest in art direction and styling. With graduation vastly approaching at the end of the month, she successfully completed her fantastic coffee table book, MOOD. The ever-so-stylish urban and feminine chic creative uses sneakers with extravagant dresses to express her style. This is a great reflection of the book throughout various editorials.

The intro text of the book:

“I present to you: my mood.

Keywords: Fun, colors, sneakers, puppies and Pradas.

All materials are in chronological order to showcase the creative and technical processes of the project.”

Amalie is no rookie to the world of sneaker culture. She’s spent a lot of her professional and personal time engaging and studying the urban sneaker environment on Instagram. She completed an internship at a top Danish sneaker store, Rezet Store, in their content department. There, she learned how photoshoots are prepared, visualized and produced. This internship sparked the idea of creating a photobook where she’d have the creative freedom to experiment and explore in all dimensions of art. 

Unlike the university’s focus on filmmaking and production, Amalie was able to greenlight her project through visuality, which is a big component in all media production. She, along with her team, created a cozy studio with crazy lighting systems and professional gear and got to work.

From then on, it was all about narrowing down the shoots, mood boarding, scheduling, casting models, contacting locations and collecting props. Every new task became a new adventure of learning for Amalie and her team. She started with an all sneaker shoot with friend Sally Javadito set this theme from the very beginning of the book. The next shoot was a beauty. 

“So I knew also from the beginning that I wanted to experiment with close-ups and different looks, which included that we drew the Nike swoosh on the models.” (Beauty shoot intro text in the book: “To experiment and create looks with shapes, forms, textures, colors and all that glitters”). – Amalie Foss

Amalie explained to me the constant theme of street style and the Nike brand throughout the overall book: “The urban theme is consistent throughout the series, with the models often wearing sneakers and a Nike swoosh here and there. For the assignment related to the book project, I defined why I use the Nike logo. It’s not just a representation of the brand, but a symbol of urban- and streetwear culture. The audience easily decodes the meaning of the logo and associates it with these thematics that I want to express and encode in my work. But then naturally mix it with something feminine or glamourous. I feel that when you use contrasts, you create a new sort of visual and look. So this basic idea of mixing expressions is a huge part of mine and the book’s aesthetic. And it is what I wish to be able to continue to work with.”

In a male dominating field, there is no doubt that Amalie is breaking through that glass ceiling. With women like her and other sneaker influencers in the industry from Aleali May, Mini Swoosh, Danielle Cathari, and so many more, there is no doubt that the sneaker world is already shifting in the right direction. 

DTLR Staff

Culturally-educated and sneaker-cultivated, our guest writers continue to bring these creative stories for your enjoyment.

January 10, 2020


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