Bold Prediction: And Ghost’s Shooter Is…

January 5, 2020 is a highly anticipated day on television.

The popular television show, Power, will be returning to close out its final season on television. In what has already been a jam-packed season, there is much more to be revealed in the episodes to come. On the most recent televised episode of the series, Ghost is falling in his club from a gunshot. While it is possible that this could be a dream, the closing segment of the show saw several people appearing to be headed to Truth to retaliate against Ghost.

In the episode, he antagonizes several of his fellow characters in what is believed to be retaliation. So out of the candidates who is the most likely to be Ghost’s assassin and possibly become the new head of power? See my prediction below. My predictions are ranked from least likely of the bunch the most likely, since Omari confirmed in an interview that one of the persons seen near the club in the final episode being responsible for his shooting.


Tariq and Tasha

While it would seem the mother and son of the protagonist have a lot to gain from the death of Ghost, they essentially have nothing. As much of trouble that he has caused them recently, he has also been their protection for a long time. Their plea in the last episode for him to save Tariq was not the last straw for them to kill him. Instead, it is an attempt to make amends before the two of them go on the run. Expect to see the duo leave and be on their way away from everyone else to protect Tariq.


Similar to Tasha and Tariq, if Tommy wanted to kill Ghost at this point, he would have done so but their bond won’t allow it to be done. Similar to Tasha and Tariq, Tommy is not headed to Truth. He instead is headed to get answers from Tasha and Tariq. If Ghost and Tariq were both able to figure out the truth behind Keisha’s murder, please believe Tommy will figure it out sooner than later too. Tommy is on his way to warpath with Ghost’s wife and son sooner than he is with Ghost.

Angie’s Sister

The reason why she is not the shooter is simple; with the gimmick her character has, she would’ve shot Ghost on site the moment that he didn’t give her the answers that she was seeking, regardless of the fact that she was working with Blanca to put Ghost away. She likely is headed to Truth, perhaps to threaten Ghost for more answers, however she is not the murderer.


Tate simply does not have the drive to commit murder. Sure, he has a lot to gain mentally and emotionally, but professionally he will gain nothing from this murder, as he has already been considered a lesser option than Ghost for public office. Tate could very well be on his way to Truth, but what he is not doing, is headed to commit murder. 

Most Likely Top Three:


Sax has hit rock bottom. He has lost his job and he is on his way to prison. The caliber of character that he is, suicide seems like the best option for him. Either that, or he could be on his way to confront Ghost and set him up for attempting to murder him. His dying mission has been to put him behind bars, and with nothing else to live for, he will surely do that at any cost… including ending his own life to frame James St. Patrick.


In the theme of Power, Dre stands to be the easy bid to gain the most from Ghost’s death. He would easily take over as the guy in the forefront to take over on the streets, and stop Ghost from sabotaging everything he has, including his daughter. With Ghost out of the picture, Dre stands to rule everything on an underground and legal vantage point. He is easily the most viable person to shoot Ghost… if the shooter is a man.


Shocked? The clues speak for themselves. She was the last person in the club with Ghost before the lights went out and he was shot. She heard him discussing his love for Angie earlier in the episode. She has had to discuss the past of her public divorce too recently in too many episodes this season. And, if anybody has the most to gain in his absence, it is Ramona. With Ghost out of the picture, she will surely take his place in public office. She is as ambitious as any other woman on the show and has the most to gain.


December 9, 2019

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