Defying Nature: Black Boy Joy and Timberland for the Win

Timberland has been one of the most compelling brands of shoe and style for decades. Largely due to its ability to rebrand and market themselves, the fashion powerhouse has consistently found ways to make themselves a standout force and constant big seller, especially around the holidays. Recently, DTLR’s very own Kyle Yearwood was able to offer some of his own creative expertise towards the brand just in time for the forthcoming holiday season.

Born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland, Yearwood attended Morgan State University. As a visual artist, he bodies himself on photography, videography, and 3D visual effects. His acclaimed work has found itself in various museums around the nation including in Detroit, San Francisco, and Harlem. Furthermore, his art and photography has been discovered by ABC2News, Afropunk, The Baltimore Sun, and Essence. 

When asked about the visuals that he created for Timbaland, Kyle had the following to say: “My approach for this series included: creating a foundation for each scene using landscape photos that I personally captured around Baltimore, and surrealistically compositing natural elements like wild animals, greenery, water, and ice. I wanted to tell a story of this young man who may live in the hood but he has this deep connection with nature and animals. Growing up I always thought that DTLR was the coolest place to shop, even the people that worked there were cool. So I wanted to show how even though this young man is surrounded by fierce animals, he has this core confidence that makes him fearless. He is bold and these exclusive eye-catching boots from DTLR X Timberland are a perfect fit for him.  I think this series is important because we don’t typically get to see Black boys interact with nature. despite it being so vital to our existence; plus it is definitely valuable for these boys to be able to look beyond their environment and dream big.”

Check out Yearwood’s phenomenal work below: 

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