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“How To Get Away With Murder” and the Bold Murderer Prediction of Annalise Keating

It didn’t take long for How to Get Away With Murder became a large hit in the United States. The ongoing saga built around Professor Annalise Keating and her intriguing law students has been the highlight of Thursday night television as fans eagerly anticipate to discover who will be the next victim, who is the next murderer, and more importantly, how did the events leading to the murder all come about. As the halfway mark has officially taken a stride for this season, it is clear as to who the victim of murder is in this season: Professor Keating herself. The largest question of it all though, however, remains who is the assassin responsible for her murder. As chaotic as this season alone has been, one can only imagine what the final result will be. Each of the other key characters has a bone to pick with Professor Keating and a legitimate reason for wanting her dead. But amongst each character, there are 5-7 that are the most probable for her murder. Ranked from least likely to most likely, here are the predictions to who will be revealed as her murderer on series’ finale night.

5. Gabriel — Aside from Michaela, perhaps there is no other character that may seem as obvious to murder Ms. Keating. While his mother has motives of her own, Gabriel seems like one of the final options to actually go forward with the murder. Hints have already indicated that Ms. Pratt is included in the cover up of the murder, indicating that there is someone who she is closely connected to being responsible for her death. Who else could she be closer to than the man that she is sleeping with? A man who is vengeful to seek revenge for being torn away from his father, and furthermore from having his father taking away from his mother.

4. Nate and Bonnie — Separate, neither of these two would ever go forward with murdering Analise. Together, however, they would have all the reasons in the world to do so. She has long benefitted from her power that she has over both of them. Their loyalty to her has been unworldly in almost every situation that she has been put through. Perhaps after realizing she is the source of much of their stress and shortcomings, a forbidden relationship between the two will come about and force them to eliminate her so they can be together. Far fetched? Possibly, but it is Shonda Rimes.

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3. Tegan — Yes, all signs indicate this one is too easy to label as the murderer. Sometimes, however, you have to go with the easier option and tell a greater story to make that story the more captivating as possible. Tegan has relied heavily on Annalise in recent weeks. She has a past of her own that she’s been trying to cover up, and her suspicions have made her unable to control her emotions. She is at her width’s end at the hands of a recent divorce, and could turn to Annalise for more than friendly comfort, only to be rejected and murder her. Don’t let her episode in the last episode fool you… her client she is defending could very well be a cover up for her own murder.

2. Laurel or Wes — We have not seen Laurel this entire season and haven’t seen Wes in several seasons, as he has been presumed dead. With this being the final season of the show, all bets are off as to how far the show will go to have an ending leaving us all speechless. We know that the killer(s) have a close bond with the other students, as Connor and Michaela have been very passionate in their scenes previewing the murderer. Could it all be a ploy or cover up for the sake of getting back against the woman who exposed them to all of the changes that have occurred in their lives since they were her students?

1. Oliver — With the exception of Asher, no one has more to gain and more to lose than Oliver, and all the signs point to a major change in character from the once charming, innocent nerdy character. He has developed more edge than his husband, Connor, as visible by his obsession with threesomes. He has been keeping secrets from everyone and having poor character judgement, another red flag that he is not in his right mind. There is surely something that he has to prove going forward. What exactly that is, remains to be seen. But the image of the good one married to the bad potential lawyer, is an image he’s dying to shed as he will shed Annalise and send her dying with his former identity.


October 31, 2019


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