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R9 Coming This December

For all of those concerned about the Barbados Queen’s return to music, fret no more. Rihanna will be back this winter!

It has been three plus years since Rihanna has released a new album and her fans are surely not going to let her forget it. Rih’s last album, “Anti”, was a slow burner that eventually took fans by storm, especially with the success of hit singles “Work”, “Love on the Brain”, and “Needed Me”. Since then, we’ve only heard her as a featured guest on summer hits such as “Lemon” and “Wild Thoughts”. Elsewhere, Rihanna has established herself as the richest woman in the entertainment business with the launch of her Fenty clothing, makeup, and shoe line. With revenue endlessly coming in, the starlet has yet to return to deliver joy to our ears.

After a successful launch of her newest Fenty Savage line, it is certain that Rihanna is highly intuitive of what music is needed to create a masterful act of truth and telling. It is evident the caliber of business woman that she is, as well. She has been teasing since late 2018 that new music was on the way, the question now is simply when will it arrive? According to her label representatives, her ninth studio album will come in December.

December is an interesting time for Rihanna to release new music but it is also a smart one. Prior to the release of 2016’s ‘Anti’, Rihanna’s albums released from 2009-2012 all were released in the month of November and experienced at least a platinum certification in album sales. Meanwhile each album boasted her at least one #1 single on the Billboard Hot 100. Opting to release an album in December is perfect for the holiday season and should come as a welcome gift for fans waiting to get their hands on her new material. While CDs aren’t exactly top sellers, it is still bound to be a welcomed addition to the library.

One can’t deny the star power and ability Rihanna continues to have. As she continues to grow older and bolder, her wisdom and swagger continues to expand. Her days of releasing music annually may be gone, but her ability to still deliver an infectious project are far from behind her. Rumored to be a Caribbean influenced album, the end result remains to be seen. But if her recent endeavors are any indication, R9 will prove that RIhanna reign just won’t let up.

September 24, 2019

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