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Projecting Lizzo’s Follow Up Hit to “Truth Hurts”

To say 2019 has been a year of breakthrough for Lizzo would be an understatement. The previously lesser known star has been the talk of the music business since the early summer and it doesn’t seem she is stopping yet. With a rarity and distinct nature about her bars, and the ability to put some power behind her pipes, she is a welcomed addition to a music scene filled with clones.

There’s several reasons to be a fan of Lizzo. For starters, she doesn’t fit the stereotypical look that has flooded television for decades of what a beautiful woman should look like. She is bold and fierce. She seems relatable and very much a real person who is unafraid to be judged, labeled, or even vulnerable. Her versatile subject matter embraces that.

Unlike many of the tunes that are flooding the airwaves and streaming services in 2019, she is not discussing credit card fraud or pointless sex. She speaks on real life, real relationships, and real fun. However, she does it in a manner that doesn’t put you to sleep, but instead brings you to your feet to rap and sing along with her. Her current hit single, “Truth Hurts”, is a testimony to that.

After first creating a buzz earlier this year, the single finally reached #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 a few weeks ago. It replaced “Senorita” by Shawn Mendes and Camila, which had quite the battle getting into the top position. “Truth Hurts” has spent countless weeks on the Billboard Hot 100 and week by week, began to battle for the top spot before it crept into the top 10, similar to the rise of Cardi B’s “Bodak Yellow” in 2017. While the single continues to gain traction, it is safe to say we should be looking forward to her follow up. The question is…what will it be?

Several Lizzo tracks have been gaining media attention as of late, including the older “Good as Hell” and the Missy Elliot assisted “Tempo”. However, one track in particular on her latest opus seems all but certain to be a megahit for the starlet. “Soulmate” follows suit with the kiss off oriented mood that made “Truth Hurts” a major hit, however it doesn’t fixate on needed affirmation from a new love. Instead, it talks about self love and the importance of loving one’s self over a trap-esque beat. The single is bounce worthy but still contains an anthem esque chorus that is sure to have fans singing along to it. 

What do you think should be Lizzo’s next single?

September 25, 2019

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