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With Made in America happening and other festivals right around the corner, here are some tips and tricks to get you ready for the festivities.

Music Festivals are always a great experience. Whether you’re going alone or with friends, being prepared and ready will have you one step ahead of the game. Here are a handful of tips to maximize your moments.

Bring a bag

When you’re jumping around and your phone suddenly falls out of your hand just to get stepped on, you’ll be wishing you brought a bag. And I’m not talking about bringing your backpack or your duffel bags. Waist packs may sound like an outdated fad, but they are back in style due to their aesthetics and functionality; there are many options that look stylish while also keeping your stuff secure.

If you’re in need of one, stop by a local DTLR or check some bags out here. Ranging from brands like Nike, The North Face, FILA, PUMA, and more, these bags can match your outfit. Pull up to the venue with peace of mind, ready to enjoy the music.


Stay hydrated

Whether or not a venue will allow you to bring water inside, it should be a priority. You might not think you need water, but after a couple hours, you’ll get dehydrated and it goes downhill from there. As soon as you get inside, at least grab a couple bottles of water before you go see any artists. Trust me, you will appreciate it when the night is done.

Check the weather beforehand

Because looking at the sky is not always 100% reliable, make sure to check what the weather is going to be like the day of the event. If it is going to be hot, make sure you are wearing comfortable clothing. If there’s a lot of sun, put on some sunscreen to not get sunburnt. If it is cold, bring a jacket to stay warm. Although, you could always just go dance and warm up that way too. Just make sure you don’t come dressed mismatched with the weather. No one wants to wear a hoodie when it’s 90 out.

Stay notified

Because of the rise in technology, many music festivals have their own app. Either download the app or follow the social media accounts to stay up to date with what is happening in the venue. It would suck for you to lose your spot up front to go to another stage and the artist you wanted to see cancelled last minute. Having the app will help you be prepared for anything that comes your way. You don’t even have to be on it all the time, just check a couple times during the day and have fun.

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