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Artist Under The Radar spotlights upcoming creative talents, while giving them the acknowledgement they deserve. In this segment we pass the mic to the jazzy Masego.

In today’s age, artistry has grown to encompass so many things. There are many artists that can play instruments or sing, but there are few that can do every component of a song. Whether it’s the production, the instrumentals, the vocals, the writing, or any other aspect of a song, to find someone who can execute all of them well is rare.

Today, we introduce you to Masego, if you have not heard of him. Rather than being a straight up hip hop artist, he self describes his genre as Trap House Jazz. If you listen to his music, you notice the jazziness and the hard hitting beats. It’s beautiful, especially in a live venue. Groovy music is good music; once you get the crowd bumpin, it’s a cruise from there.

In this Artist Under the Radar segment, I will showcase a few sides of Masego and hopefully get you hooked on him.

In this video, Masego’s smooth vocals are on full display. With a soundboard and a microphone in front of him, he performs his song Navajo. He goes in and out of his singing with a few verses and makes sure to let you know he played the saxophone with his ostentatious necklace. Masego performs well live, and this is just the beginning.

This is an iconic video, that needs to be said first. This 8-minute jam session is taken in one cut with producer FKJ uniting with Masego to create a genuinely beautiful masterpiece. As you can see in the video, Masego works on the drums, the saxophone, a piano, a looper, and the vocals, while FKJ also adds his touch to the record with a guitar and mastering. It is crazy to see how talented both of these guys are. Even with their gifts, it’s very clear to see Masego’s influence on the song. As the song culminates, Masego comes out of nowhere with a verse that is smoother than butter. It’s so smooth, I can’t believe it’s not butter.

Masego is known for being suave and very down to earth. His music seemingly mimics his appeal and allows people to feel the sense of good vibes coming off of him. Dubbed Tadow, this video is 10 times better than the actual song that got released. In fact, this is one of my favorite videos of all time; it acknowledges pure artistry and demonstrates what music can be when talent is optimized.

Interestingly enough, Masego’s feel-good music is energetic and expansive. Queen Tings is one of the stand out jams from his debut album Lady Lady. One commonality his songs have is that they feature his go-to instrument, the saxophone. Masego loves it, and it’s a prominent piece of his music.

It’s hard to place Masego with a lot of today’s big artists, especially with the type of music he has. Do you compare it to dancehall? R&B? Jazz? There are so many elements in his music that draws you in and showcases his individuality. Much like GoldLink, Masego has a distinct voice that you’ll be able to pick out when you listen.

Speaking of GoldLink, Masego is a great complement to his sound. Rather than simply singing a catchy hook, Masego adds his own flair with his feature. With a solid verse from GoldLink, this track completes itself. It may not be Masego’s track, but he sure does own the sound.

Masego hasn’t collaborated with many artists, even with his debut album. It would be cool to see him create music with musicians that are a bit more rough and direct, just to see how the contrasting sounds fit together. It would work, especially with some good production.

This track, Sunday Vibes, is one of Masego’s earliest tunes. It represents Masego’s signature jazzy sound and the collaboration with Medasin only further emphasizes how his chemistry with other artists can come out successfully. Even within his own personal genre of music, Masego continues to shine and execute.

Masego’s Discography (available for streaming)

Lady Lady (2018), Loose Thoughts (2016), The Pink Polo EP (2016)

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September 4, 2019

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