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Album Review | Drake – Care Package

One of the greatest challenges with creating music in 2019 is remaining current. Trends in music change and evolve frequently. Aside from that, social media has become a means for artists to constantly release new music that appeases audiences on a regular basis so that there is never a need in question of whether or not an artist is growing stale. Perhaps there is no greater example of that than Drake.

For the better part of the last decade, Drake has become one of the most consistent artists to dominate the charts. He is widely acclaimed critically from awards and critics. His albums have been able to continue to sell and stream in numbers that exceed the majority of the competition that he faces in the music business today. His singles and features that he is a part of continue to be some of the most requested tunes on radio and streaming platforms. While he released the monumental success that was ‘Scorpion’ in 2018, the Toronto native surprised fans with the album “Care Package” a few weeks ago. Weeks later, it is still a topic of hot discussion.

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One of the most interesting notes about “Care Package” is that it is comprised of no completely new material. All of the tracks on the album are songs that have been leftover or leaked from Drake’s previous recording sessions dating back to 2009. Some of the songs were widely acclaimed internet fodder that weren’t released due to sample clearances or last minute decisions to go with other options that fit a better theme for Drake’s albums. 

“Girls Love Beyonce” is one of the favorites leaked in early 2013 while Drake was still working on ‘Nothing Was the Same’ released later that year, while Queen Bey can be found on the hook of popular track “Can I”, a track rumored to have been originally included on 2016’s ‘Views’ after being recorded in 2015. Both tracks find themselves released at a time when samples of tracks from the past two decades continues to become a hot go to in music. 

With ‘Care Package’, not all tracks included are focused simply on the presence and acknowledgement of former hit records. The classic “Dreams Money Can Buy” is often regarded as one of Drake’s signature songs since he broke onto the scene in 2009. Fast forward to 2011 where Drake’s critically acclaimed ‘Take Care’ was released. While it’s hard to imagine any of the songs on that timeless gem not making the album, the inclusion of bangers “Club Paradise” and “Free Spirit” would have been worthy additions that make fans appreciate the undeniable craft and talent that Drake possesses. Factor in a homage to TLC in “I Get Lonely” and the bold “Heat of the Moment” and you have a project that showcases that Drake is capable of taking old tracks and positioning them into our lives years later to the degree that we don’t even question when they were created. We have simply decided to just accept these records for what they were and now create new memories for what they are: modern classics. 

August 28, 2019

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