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The Lion King Starter Kit: What’s Needed for all Generations in the Film’s Revival

The Lion King is reimagined with the same ideal story through a fresh new modern lens.

“The Lion King” is often hailed as one of the greatest animated films of all-time, and for good reason. The film has received high praise and awards for its storytelling and immaculate soundtrack. Released in 1994, this year marks the 25th anniversary of it’s initial release and Disney is re-releasing the classic with a live action rendition this Friday, July 19. For a film of this magnitude, there are sure to be high expectations. For starters, you have the fanbase who were kids during the film’s original release, and then you have a new generation of viewers who weren’t able to witness the splendor of the classic during its release. For that reason, there are a few things that are key to ensure a happy medium presented to both audiences of the film. See “The Lion King” Starter Kit below.

1- New Verbiage:

With a new generation viewing the anticipated film, there’s sure to be some new words and terms that would make the film seem more relatable than the former 90’s jargon. By no means should Simba bust into trap inspired dialogue, but allowing the characters to have some sort of script that incorporates some terms that are in today’s conversation.

2- Evolving Characterization:

With the exception of Simba and arguably Scar, there was an absence of solid character development on the last installment. In an era where we strive to promote women’s rights and equity, there should be a solid presence made for Nala and Sarabi. With Beyonce playing the role, expect Nala to have a bigger spotlight than she had in the original installment. 

3- Even Balance of Beyonce’s Acting Skills:

Knowles’ contributions as an actress are often of quick criticism. She has yet to find her voice in a role where her skills on the big screen are both lauded and appreciated. While her role should not overshadow Glover’s portrayal of Simba, her role shouldn’t be minimized either. Nala’s presence should play a key role in the rise to the kingdom. For Beyonce, she needs to invoke just as much emotion here as she does on her ballads such as “Halo” and “Listen”. If not, this will be another notch on her belt to lukewarm reception.

4- A Storytelling Spin:

For fans of the original, we have a great idea of what the story should ultimately culminate in. There are expectations to be met. However, the film should not follow suit with the same exact events at the original did in 1994. Some spins and controversial additions to the compelling the story to unprecedented heights in the 90s should be added so that the story is not riveted as just a dated comparison to the previous.

5- Fitting Song Plot:

One of the greatest things about the original was it’s immaculate soundtrack. The way the songs were introduced into the plot of the film made the film as much of a must-see than any other asset. Similarly so, the new rendition should find captivating ways to showcase the new songs without it seeming forced. The songs shouldn’t feel wrongly inserted and should tell just as dynamic a story as the scripts and characters.

“The Lion King” opens everywhere at midnight this Friday, July 19, 2019. 

July 18, 2019

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