Songs For Your Summer ’19 Playlist

Take a break from your stressful day and add these jams to your playlist.

One of the better things in life is discovering music you can enjoy. Although everyone has their own specific taste, there are quite a few songs that appeal universally. With artists crossing genres and even some creating their own, it’s interesting to see all kinds of music being put out today.

I have composed a list of songs you may potentially add to your next playlist, ranging between a few genres, too. Sit back, relax, and enjoy!

Talk x Khalid, Disclosure

Two of my favorite artists come together to create this bouncy track. This is a feel good track that’s about Khalid in a fast-moving relationship with the need for communication between both members of the relationship. This romance-driven song is perfect for kick-backs and work-out playlists alike.

If you like Khalid, check out Keep Me. If you like Disclosure, check out Moonlight.

Higher Love x Kygo (ft. Whitney Houston)

When Kygo announced he was putting out a song with a mystery artist, nobody would have guessed the artist was going to be the Whitney Houston. Much to everyone’s content, Kygo did Whitney Houston’s vocals justice. With his own twist to her talented range, this energetic track is sure to be playing in the clubs and in your headphones. Rest In Peace, Whitney.

If you like Kygo, check out Stole the Show. If you like Whitney Houston, check out How Will I Know.

Antisocial x Ed Sheeran (with Travis Scott)

To me, this was a very unexpected collaboration that turned out pretty well. With Ed Sheeran’s new style of music and Travis Scott’s usual unique presence on the track, it was bound for success. Along with a surreal, odd music video, this bass-heavy song explores a different sound for both artists that blends genres.

If you like Ed Sheeran, check out Cross Me. If you like Travis Scott, check out HOUSTONFORNICATION.

EARFQUAKE x Tyler, The Creator (ft. Playboi Carti)

For real this time. Tyler, The Creator links up with Playboi Carti to demonstrate he is the real deal. Both artists come together to create a captivating tune with a chorus that makes you belt out, “Don’t leave, it’s my fault!” Carti adds his own flair in his verse, and even if you don’t understand what he says, just know he means a lot by it.

If you like Tyler, The Creator, check out Who Dat Boy. If you like Playboi Carti, check out R.I.P.

Envy Me x Calboy

Calboy is one of the lesser known artists on this list. However, with a catchy hook and a flow that complements the production, it is not surprising to see why this song has been Calboy’s most successful to date. It’s a pretty short banger, but since it has good repeat value, just play the song over and over again.

If you like Calboy, check out Chariot.

Tell Them x James Blake (ft. Moses Sumney & Metro Boomin)

With a quick start, this song commences with an upbeat tempo. Let me just say that the production is quality, and that’s mostly because you have James Blake and Metro Boomin on production. Moses Sumney’s versatility is also shown here, with a suave voice. When he transitioned from his verse to the refrain, I did not think it was the same person, especially the way he nailed those high-pitched notes. This album is one of my favorite albums of 2019, with Tell Them being one of the standout songs.

If you like James Blake, check out Life Round Here. If you like Moses Sumney, check out Plastic. If you like Metro Boomin, check out 10 Freaky Girls.

Costa Rica x Dreamville (ft. Bas, JID, Guapdad 400, Reese LAFLARE, Jace, Mez, Smokepurpp, Buddy & Ski Mask The Slump God)

Dreamville is basically if the Avengers were a rap group. They are stacked top to bottom. Need a vocalist? Ari Lennox. Need an experienced rapper? Head honcho J. Cole. Tired of these old artists? Meet J.I.D. Costa Rica is a fantastic collaboration, especially when you can get the best out of the likes of Ski Mask The Slump God and co. There are new faces in there too, so be on the lookout for their future songs. Revenge of the Dreamers III is a project to take a listen to as well.

If you like Dreamville, check out Wells Fargo.

Baby Sitter x DaBaby (ft. Offset)

2019 is the year of DaBaby. After charting a few songs on the Billboard 100, he has become more prominent in the rap industry. Baby Sitter is an example of when hip-hop has fun. The funky, upbeat production is enough to get a party going, and DaBaby’s chemistry with Offset only adds more flavor to the fun.

If you like DaBaby, check out Suge. If you like Offset, check out Red Room.

CUIDAO POR AHÍ x J Balvin, Bad Bunny

It is never a bad time to stray away from traditional hip-hop, especially when Latin Trap is becoming more and more prominent. J Balvin and Bad Bunny have put out solid record after record to the point where they have become household names. They’ve taken Latin Trap and made it their own, as CUIDAO POR AHÍ is a clear example. With a bass-heavy, reggaeton-influenced beat, this track is a certified banger.

If you like J Balvin, check out Safari. If you like Bad Bunny, check out La Romana.

Pure Water x Mustard (with Migos)

Migos and club bangers, name a better duo. The Atlanta-based trio team up with Mustard’s production to create another track that will have heads bobbing and bodies moving. Although Mustard is from Los Angeles, the beat is reminiscent of Bay Area hip-hop. Like pure water, the flows in this track are clean.

If you like Mustard, check out Baguettes in the Face. If you like Migos, check out Kelly Price.

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July 16, 2019


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