The 90’s | Sitcom Comedians with Cool Kicks

Iconic for their timeless 90’s TV shows, these comedic geniuses also coveted some classic shoe game.

Nothing is new under the sun when it comes to sneakers. In fact, the old becomes outdated, unpopular to wear, forgotten, discovered, and worn all over again. Looking back, I can remember watching prime time television to see what funky fresh kicks will appear on the screen. Over the years, there are some comedians whose sneaker choices are considered legendary today.

Martin Lawrence

Hailing from Detroit in the self-titled show “Martin”, little ol’ Marty Mar made sure he was representing who ruled the decade. Endless references of MJ playing his hometown Pistons is a constant conversation on the show.

The real-life comedian’s relationship with basketball and sneaker culture was not only influential when it came to his hit tv show, but in his real life as well. This appreciation led to Nike’s tribute to Martin with the LeBron 16 silhouette. If you’ve ever watched the show, you are probably familiar with the vibrant color tones of the heightened 90’s look, especially in the show’s intro. The shoe’s color way was dedicated to that: bearing a purple Battleknit upper, contrasting crimson and yellow laces.

photo via LeBron Wire – USA Today

Will Smith

Hailing from Philadelphia in the coming of age comedy “The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air”, Will brought hip-hop to Hollywood. Iconic status was achieved once Brand Jordan released a pair of Grape Retro 5’s inspired by the big-eared phenomenon.

Jordan chose the iconic AJ 5 in celebration of Will Smith’s 50th birthday, white paying homage to his most memorable character. When you look at these babies, you can’t help but be reminded of the catchy theme song and fresh Bel-Air swag at the time.

photo via Nike

Jerry Seinfeld

It might seem quite unlikely for the Seinfeld star to be one of comedy’s leading sneakerheads, but we must give props where it’s due. With his classic white-guy typical dad attire look, it’s easy to overlook the comedian’s foot-game throughout his sitcom.

In many of his episodes, you can see him wearing the classic Air Jordan 5 ‘Grape’, along with a variety of Nike’s classic collection.

photo via Complex

Marlon Wayans

Hailing from Harlem in the brotherly bonded sitcom “Wayans Bros.”, Marlon had a fairly versatile sneaker history if you decide to watch a re-run of the show. I’ve seen him wear Nike, Jordan, and Reebok (for sure).

photo via Twitter

Who are some of your favorite 90’s comedic sneaker heads? Comment below.


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May 1, 2019


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