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Predicting the Song of the Summer

The battle of the thrones, the Song of Thrones that is.

Summer is vastly approaching. As close as it is, the series finale of HBO’s blockbuster Game of Thrones is even closer. The current season of the show sees some of the great warriors of the series battling for the throne to lead the seven kingdoms. If you are not a follower of the show, don’t worry this is not a spoiler alert. Instead, this is picking on the theme of the show to do a blind-eyed estimate as to what will be the Song of the Summer. Chances are that the song that will dominate the radio in 2019 has not even been released yet. Typically the summer anthem begins to rise and wave around in June. However, there’s a few candidates and early predictions, as to what it could be. Below is a tournament of eight potential leaders to rule this summer, crowning down to the believed victor.

Round One

“ME!” x Taylor Swift vs. Shawn Mendes x “If It’s Not With You”

Something Drake vs. Something Cardi

“Old Town Road” x Lil’ Nas X vs. “Break Up With Your Girlfriend, I’m Bored” x Ariana Grande

Something Rihanna vs. A New Trendy Record by an Unknown Artist

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Taylor Swift over Shawn Mendes

The power of Taylor’s allegian of fans have already made her new single a big hit. With a new album coming sometime in the summer, this song may only be the appetizer for her follow-up. For now, this song has probably the greater odds out of new releases to have legs going into the summer season.

Something Cardi over Something Drake

Cardi has been brewing her next release for quite some time. Because of this, it is more likely she will drop some heat just in time for the summer that will dominate the airwaves. Drake has been low, which doesn’t mean he’s not grinding too. But new music from him seems unlikely, at least until the fall.

Ariana Grande over “Old Town Road”but not with her current single

Ariana has proved her continued love for music and recording in the studio. With the strong buzz from her most recent album beginning to die down, she may be working on dropping something sooner than later, even if it’s just a single to whet the appetite. After the monstrous last seven months that she’s had, there’s no denying she could lap “Old Town Road”, which is currently in its fourth week at the top.

A New Trendy Record over Rihanna: We haven’t had new Rihanna heat for quite some time. While summer seems perfect for her, her track record seems almost destined for a fall release heading into 2020. Even if she does drop some heat this summer, the current state of music is calling for more and more trendy music to populate streaming services. With the recent success of “Old Town Road”, what will that mean for future records?

Round Two

Taylor Swift vs. Cardi B

Ariana Grande vs. New Record

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Taylor Swift over Cardi B

Cardi will most certainly be on fire all summer if she drops some heat, however, very few can compete with Taylor Swift when she’s in her top form.

Ariana over New Record

It’s hard to bet against the power of Ariana Grande in 2019. For that reason alone, if she drops some new heat, it is almost guaranteed that she will be able to take over the summer. Perhaps even a collaboration as a remix to one of the songs on her current album.


Taylor Swift over Ariana Grande: Love her, or hate her, Taylor seems poised to claim the throne of Summer 2019. She’s off to a good start for steering up drama after “Mayochella”, but she’s far from finished. Summer is coming, and it’s looking to be a Swift one.

May 15, 2019

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