Indie Artist Chats | Cartel Dough And His Love For Urban Style

Atlanta’s Cartel Dough Talks Street Wear

Cartel is rap artist with a unique sound, echoing the organic feel of trap music with the wordplay of an emcee. Originally from Arkansas, the artist left his hometown in order to relocate to Atlanta, home to one of the most amazing hip-hop scenes in the whole world. It didn’t take long for him to start something amazing. He bought some studio equipment, and created his own record label, of which he is still the owner and CEO.

As a rapper, Cartel Dough is influenced by iconic performers such as Master P, Tupac or T.I., but his sound is more than just following in the footsteps of the rap pioneers. He is all about channeling his true self through the music. Cartel Dough’s lyrics are all about life experiences, as well as collaborating with other artists who can bring something special to the table like Boosie, Hoodrich Pablo Juan and Quando Rondo.

A Quick Q & A With Cartel About Sneakers And Style

Describe yourself in four sentences.

I’m a stand up guy and family man with street side. Real gangsters believe in family first. I created my own lane. I can’t really explain myself in just four sentences, I’m so much more than that.

How would you define your style?

I combine “drip” with my own flare. As an artist, I know how to put two and two together to make things work! 

Define fits you would wear from Sunday through Saturday.

I can be very chill one day and the next day pop out with a $10,000 outfit! Some clothing I like to wear are Saint Laurent Hoodies, and Amiri Jeans. 

What are your favorite pair of sneakers to wear and why?

Christian Dior “Runners” because they are lit and have colorways to match any drip I wear! 

Top five favorite pair of sneakers?

All White Air Force Ones (Classic)

Any Jordan Retro 11

Any Gucci shoes

Christian Louboutin All Black

Alexander McQueen All Black

What does style mean to you?

The way you wear your clothes is essential. You can tell a lot about a person just based on the way they dress. My style signifies the flare of a CEO and the aesthetic of a ATL trap musician. 

What’s a quote that defines your style?

Since I dress like money I get more money!

What has the biggest influence on your style?

The one and only: Atlanta, Georgia. No other place in America can do it better! 

How is your style different from other artists? 

A majority of the industry wants to dress like somebody else. I make my own wave as a solid trap musician with urban complementary flare. 


24. UMES Alum Fall 2016 and current Bowie State University grad student. Freelance journalist, model, and lover of classic hip hop music. He also works with TheDMVDaily as the CEO, MoBoombox as Head of Website operations, and multiple other brands as a contributor.

May 1, 2019


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