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HBCU Students Create App for Social Media Captions

You can stop using song lyrics now. College grads create an Instagram app that helps you come up with on-the-spot captions for your photos.

In the world of social media, the perfect caption is ideal for any picture one may take. In 2019, millions of users put together profiles that display photos highlighting their daily experiences, ranging from vacations to graduations, etc. Needless to say, the need to have the perfect caption for a photo is a necessity to ensure your photo experience is one memorable to all followers. For those who have trouble producing an original one, you may finally have an alternative.

Caption Any Photo (CAP), previously known as Closed Caption, has been riding a recent wave of mainstream attention. Originally released in 2016, the application is available for Apple products and is the answer to the growing issue of generating the perfect caption to an otherwise captionless photo. True to its name, the product offers a glimpse at each different type of photo, and an effortless caption for almost every occasion.

The apps creators, Juwan Nicholson and Jabre Jennings, are HBCU graduates born and raised in Baltimore, Maryland. While attending a homecoming event for their alma mater, University of Maryland Eastern Shore (UMES), they trying to conjure a caption for a photo they took and the idea came about to pursue this business venture. They later recruited friends Calvin Butler, Devon Phillips, and KeShawn Taylor to assist them in cultivating the project into something fruitful.

How To Use It

To properly utilize the application, you first upload a photo and simply search for a caption, based on several categories (including lyrics, vacation, graduation, gender, etc.), to fit your photo. A user friendly app indeed, it enables you to send your photo and caption straight to Instagram. 

Since being posted by The Shade Room and BET, the application has seen a surge in users surpassing 100,000 over the last four days. Due to its cleverness and accessibility, that number is expected to continue growing rapidly. Download the app today in your Apple App Store and stay on the look for more from Caption Any Photo.

Click here to download the app now.

May 15, 2019

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