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Album Review | ScHoolboy Q – Crash Talk

Same old Q but nothing special.

ScHoolboy Q drops ​CrasH Talk ​almost three years after his last crtically acclaimed project ​Blank Face LP. ​While it’s not his best work, it’s understandable that the west coast new era gangster rapper didn’t seem to put in the same effort as usual into this project due to coping with one of his best friend’s death, Mac Miller. Also, while being a father and pushing the album back with Nipsey’s death. However, it’s still better than the majority of the industry, and that’s a ode to Q’s talent. TDE’s brew drinking, weed smoking, sarcastic father drops a fairly decent project. Espicallyas he is in his 30s, you can say he’s making a transition in his career to a more mature version of himself.

“THanks for wHat you done for tHis city. Us Growing up on different sides of tHe fence neva cHanged THe way you carried yourself WHeneva we would meet. We neva called eacH otHer or texted but tHe respect I Had for u can run a maratHon. Wat u did for yo community speaks volume. you did wHat most of us inner city kids dont wHen we get paid, u stayed!! U built !! And gave Hope to tHe people WHen you could’ve easily left. no longer will i ignore tHe Help my city needs. A man tHat was supposed to grow up Hating me cHanged my life for tHe better. Even more tHan music and for tHat tHank u isn’t enuff. I LOVE U and GOD NEVA DIE.” – ScHoolboy Q’s notes on Nipsey’s death on album liner.

“2 Mac. A song or an interview won’t explain How mucH of a brutHa u was… love u and r last convo was all i needed, tHanks for everytHang,” – Q note son his love for his brother Mac Miller

ScHoolboy Q and Mac Miller had a close friendship. He delayed his album after the rapper’s sudden death. | photo via Vibe

Part of the reason why was because he was “recognition-seeking hunger” found throughout his past projects is absent on ​CrasH Talk,​ due to Q becoming a household name in hip-hop. His main concern is making car riding anthems that he can roll weed to throughoiut the L.A. streets. Q has always sprinkled a few songs into his albums with the purpose of soundtracking a summer day party, this album sounds more like a glorified real estate party, and there is nothing wrong with that. However, Q doesn’t fully abondoned his old ways.

On tracks such as ​Drunk ft 6lack, Tales, ​and ​Die Wit Em ​you still get the same usual reflective rhymes that showcase his unconventional ability to balance humor and pain. A side of Q I’m releived to still see exiat, even with him coping with the death of Mac Miller. Balence these introspective tracks out with radio hit such as ​Water Ft Lil Baby, CHopstix Ft Travis Scott, ​and ​Numb Numb Juice​; CrasH talk is a overall socild album. It’s nothing to write home about, but it is a reminder of why ScHoolboy Q is such a polarizing figure, synonymous with gritty, West Coast gangster rap.

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Final Take 8/10

  • Same usual summer party anthems
  • Q still shows th ebailty to belnce lyrics and humor
  • Not much originaity but consistency
  • Ability to put up album dealing with giref shows character and growth as aman


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May 29, 2019

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