B2K Reunites in Philly for the 2019 Millennium Tour

B2K creates a Y2K nostalgia train at the Liacouras Center in Philadelphia, PA.

Over a decade of angst and puberty, stages all around the country are finally getting the concert that was so quickly ripped away in 2004. Omarion, Lil’ Fizz, Raz-B, and J-Boog are back! At times, it was very difficult to maintain the distinction between my 13-year-old crazed fan-girl and that of a 20 something-year-old young professional.

And to think I would’ve been recapping this entire event in my prepubescent, glittery Lisa Frank diary. But instead, almost 15 years after their break up, we all had the chance to experience history and sing along to the songs that got us through that young adult drama of the early 2000’s. The anticipation for this tour was high from the moment the tour was announced. When the very successful boy band broke up in the 2000s, it left young fans all over empty and heartbroken. B2K to me was that of this generation’s One Direction and Jonas Brothers. As I tried to keep my cool and maintain a sense of professionalism, I couldn’t stop my jaw from hitting the floor every so often when a member of the “Boys of the Millennium” made “eye-contact” with me.

Other tour mates were included in the Millennium line-up, such as Chingy. The St. Louis spitter performed some of his popular hits from that era. Baltimore sensation and current Star actor, Mario, heated things up with his number ones. Miami R&B group Pretty Ricky came back after 11 years to offer some “good feels” to the crowd. And New Orleans crooner Lloyd returned with some beautiful melodies and songs from his first album in seven years.

Some of Philly’s finest graced the stage Saturday night. Bobby V and Chingy brought out Young Chris and Neef Buck from “Young Gunz”, along with “What We Do” rapper, Freeway.

Finally, B2K! The “back-together-for-the-moment” boy band emerged in an all white ensemble as they popped up from the bottom of the stage like a surprise birthday cake. This was, indeed, a very sweet moment. They danced and sang their way through their top-charted hits like, Girlfriend, What A Girl Wants, Bump Bump Bump, Why I Love You, and Uh-Huh. Of course the band lead singer oh gave us some ice box chills with a touch of his choreographed dance routines. The man still has it.

Although cringing to think about the fashion trends between 1999 into 2006, show goers were not afraid to show us a little blast from the past and the wardrobe department. The show’s hype man even allowed the crowd to embrace us in some old school R&B during intermission. It wasn’t all good falsettos, especially in pitch and tone, but it was very entertaining.

It’s hard to imagine what what a B2K concert would be today if they had never broken up all those years ago. The band went off to do their own things: becoming fathers, launching solo careers, and even becoming reality stars. But to see them put their differences aside and came together for the fans, and probably for a little saint to, was truly magical.

What’s next for the B2K group? A finale album? Maybe even a “You Got Served 2? Who knows.

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