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Artist Under The Radar | Tierra Whack

Artist Under The Radar spotlights upcoming creative talents, while giving them the acknowledgement they deserve. In this segment we pass the mic to Philly’s own Tierra Whack.

If you haven’t heard, you’re not too late. Covet her while you can because in the months and years upcoming, Tierra Whack is going to blossom into an industry giant. Mixing her charismatic personality with her style of music, Tierra’s stand out quality is her complete and utter ability to be herself. I found out about Tierra while scrolling aimlessly through Instagram, because what else is one to do on the toilet. To my surprise, she posted her entire first project, Whack World, on her Insta, along with short clips of her music videos she did for each song.

Her music style is upbeat with an underlying dash of melancholy as she talks about everything from her unique sense of fashion to her raw style being better than anything else you’ve ever heard. I think that’s what I love about her most – you can feel the passion and desire she has for her craft, masked behind these relatively cheerful beats. I haven’t many people, if any, that immediately resonate like her musically. She can sing/rap about something as simple the ABC’s and newly invented acronyms in Cable Guy and switch it up to an absolute banger like Sore Loser. Her natural ability to weave her way through a song, differentiate her flows based one the energy she wants to showcase, and have visible fun while doing it all draws fans of every vertical to her warm and original aura.

My Gems

Wasteland, MUMBO JUMBO, Flea Market, Pet Cemetery , Fruit Salad, Pretty Ugly.

Tierra Whack performed “Only Child” live on Jimmy Kimmel March 5th, 2019.

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April 18, 2019

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