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Artist Under the Radar | Smino

Artist Under The Radar spotlights upcoming creative talents, while giving them the acknowledgement they deserve. In this segment we pass the mic to Smino.

Smino is currently in the running for smoothest man on the planet. The St. Louis native encompasses a mix of vibrant soul and upbeat, sporadic flows that set a vibe of pure ambiance. His uncanny versatility and lyricism will have you entranced from the jump, topped off with background drums, funky high hats, and whatever else his creativity decides to implement into his music. Known for his song “White Irish Roses” (a personal favorite), Smino is gaining traction and attention as more and more people spread the contagious energy that he embodies through his music.

I stumbled upon Smino in 2016 and a friend played his track Ruby Red. I was stunned at how the song progressed like a story, starting off with a lighthearted piano and soft chorus and suddleny evolving into a bouncy, flowing track.  He has something for everyone and I can almost guarantee that you play this at your next function, and you’ll have people fawning over you, asking who the hell this guy is. You want to light a party up and have people dancing, play KLINK and watch the room implode. If you’re having a cool function with your close friends, cut on Low Down Deerty Blues and everyone will begin to fight the urge to start dancing. His most recent project, NOIR, showcases every vertical Smino can jump in an out of seamlessly, going from a more structured track like Z4L to a rollercoaster of flows in Pizano. With such a fresh take in a very trap-centric rap industry, the groundwork is laid out for this musical savant to make a huge name for himself in the near future.

My personal gems

White Irish Roses, Spitshine, Netflix & Dusse, Klink , Low Down Deerty Blues and Spinz

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April 23, 2019


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