3 Ways You Can Hype Up Your Sneaker Game

Advance your shoe game with these 3 easy tools and you’ll be sure to turn heads.

Do you have a pair of old shoes you rarely wear, but won’t give up for anything in the world? Sentimental value is transferred to that shoe because of a personal experience only you will truly understand. Over time, the sneakers tend to depreciate in cleanliness despite your refusal to give that shoe up. Don’t feel weird about it because I have a few kicks collecting dust for the same reasons.

Colorful Shoe Strings

People tend to underestimate how effective a pair of new shoe strings can be for a sneakers overall pizzazz. With shoe strings, you are able to highlight certain color pallets that weren’t the primary colorway.

photo via GQ

Strong Sock Game

This trend has progressed at an alarming rate due to the global tennis shoe craze. Whether you find a pair online or at a retail store, there is a large quantity of sock themes to make your shoes look fresh.

photo via Hot Sox

Shoe Grooming

Above all, you must treat your kicks with tender care if you expect longevity. Invest in cleaning products that will preserve the lifespan of your favorite shoe. 

Crep Protect’s revolutionary sprays are famed for ensuring protection against stains and rain. The Crep Cure Travel set comes with their patented cleaning solution – suitable for cleaning up to 50 pairs – along with a premium hair brush, microfibre cloth and a handy zip-up travel case.

Take your favorite shoes out of the box and give them a needed makeover. Trust me, they will thank you in the long run. 


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