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3 Things You Might Need For a Sneaker Convention

Add these to your list convention of must-haves.

Have you considered attending a sneaker convention in the near future? I’ve attended my fair share of kick extravaganzas over the years. Some events were exceptionally organized and fun-filled, while others, not so much. Whether or not your event is hot, you have to be mentally prepared for the experience at hand. I have 3 valuable things you need in order to properly be prepared for a sneaker convention:


Yes, there is a chance you can trade your pair in exchange for a pair you want. But it is not guaranteed that somebody will want to accept your offer. Having money will allow you to have options that trade can get, but money will get. Also, it is not for certain that an ATM will be close by.

Small Bills

Nothing is worse than walking around asking random strangers change for a bill. Being sure you have smaller bills will ensure you won’t too have to take the walk of shame.

Gift of Gab

Negotiation is such an underrated part of the sneaker convention process. Before inquiring about a shoe, do your research and have a price you want to pay in your head. Above all, be flexible but not a pushover.


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April 16, 2019


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