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Women’s History Month Appreciation | Ryan Destiny

A star on the rise.

One of the young black starlets creating quite to wave on television currently is young Ryan Destiny, better known as up-in-coming singer Alex, on the FOX hit show, Star. The television program is a music based series, similar to Empire, focused on the hardships to stardom for the show’s star group Take Three. While the storyline of music is similar to Empire, Star shines all on its own with impressive production towards its music, emotive storytelling, and compelling cast that grows by the season. Thus far, the series has garnered the consistent existence of Queen Latifah, Brandy, Keke Palmer, and diva legend Patti LaBelle.

Destiny’s character has some parallel with her real life story, as she is the daughter of Deron Irons, a member of the former group Guesss. His musical influence on her resonated with her at an early age, as she instantly began striving for music in her teenage years, notably associated with the female group Love Dollhouse.

Ryan was originally suggested to be cast on the show Empire, but the deal she had with Capitol Records, she was unable to accept the role in 2015. Thankfully, however, that deal fell through and was unable to stop her from catapulting to success on Star in 2016.

Season 1 of Star with co-stars June Demorest and Brittany O’Grady.
Ryan joined by other powerful, female co-stars: Queen Latifah and Naomi Campbell.

Ryan’s character, Alex, has become one of the most prominent members of the cast. Her character is paired with two sisters who are aspiring singers. She becomes in contact with them via social media due to her abilities as a songwriter, leading to the trio joining forces under the name of Take 3.

Alex experiences a significant amount of challenges throughout the show, including an airplane crash which lead to her having a stalker. Currently, the show is teasing the idea of allowing Ryan to go solo on the show. With her momentous followers on various social media platforms, it is unlikely this decision will result in a backlash from fans.

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Destiny continues to implore her dedication to music in interviews, so don’t be surprised if she finds herself recording a solo studio album eventually outside of the television show. As long as there are grooves such as the Star original “Imagination”, I’m sure all fans will be pleased.

For being a role model and advocate of excellence at such a young age, we salute and support Ryan Destiny for Women’s History Month.

March 31, 2019

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