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Music Review | 2 Chainz “Rap Or Go To The League”

2 Chainz is in “TRU” form with “Rap Or Go To The League” album.

The Atlanta hip hop veteran, 2 Chainz, is back with his fifth official studio album, and this time he has a twist. He enlisted NBA superstar Lebron James to be the official A&R for the project, which surprised people. The logic behind Chainz’s choice for Lebron to A&R this project is to show that two different paths of black men in America can find success. Also, that black celebrities can team up to create good content regardless of industry. It’s a power move and initiative behind a unique combination that proves dividends for the purpose of the project.

On ROGTTL, 2 Chainz never strays too much away from reminiscence, which proved to the best thing to do to make an album like this. From rapping about the knowledge for college kids on the importance of being compensated on “NCAA,” the government’s greed on “Sam,” or even the sake of paying bills on time; this album mark growth and maturity for the artist. At 41-year-old, 2 Chainz shows us a “wiser” side of him with this project and keeps us enthralled with his wisdom. One line that stuck out to me was a quick conversation he had Diddy during the making of the album about his agony of paying taxes.

“You know, that’s when I first started gettin’ some money, I’m like ‘They want me to pay like two million in taxes.’ That boy Diddy said, ‘I had to pay a hundred.'” – 2 Chainz

2 Chainz never met a trend he didn’t like, on and off stage | photo via GQ
2 Chainz Talks Custom Ewing Sneakers & Recording ‘Sacrifices’ | photo via Billboard

Despite with a new mindset of financial prosperity, on some tracks Chainz isn’t “preaching to the choir” about preserving checks. He still has the “fun,” and “provocative” side to his music that made fans love him in the first place. One example is the track “Threat 2 Society,” produced by 9th Wonder. Chainz confidently dabs in his inconic simplistic but effective bars such as: “Natural disasters, all these emotional rappers/Master of my own fate and I own my own masters,” along with a brash one-liner where he pays homage to hip hop legend Jay-Z.

“This beat hard enough to put Jay on.” – 2 chainz

In addition to the the star-heavy feature list, Chainz did a amazing job selecting producers for ROGTTL. Multiple heavy hitters on the album include 9th Wonder, DJ Mustard, Pharrell, and Wondagurl, Uncle Tity Boi’s choices in production in album production allows for execution of a strong album. With hip hop becoming a “rookie,” and “sophomore sport, Chainz shows that being a “veteran in the league” pays off with a solid album overall which accumulated from his experiences in the rap game.

Final Verdict: 9/10 Gold Rating

  • Amazing production
  • Classic 2 Chainz Bars
  • Growth in overall content of music
  • Good social commentary of current societal issues
  • Different songs for different situations


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March 28, 2019

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