Molding Models in Michigan’s Oak Park High School

A day of service nourished in style for these young Brand Ambassadors. Read on.

DTLR VILLA partnered with the brands Staple Pigeon and Timberland to bring a unique experience to six young men from Oak Park High School in Michigan. These gentlemen were pampered and styled for a day as Brand Ambassadors for both brands.

In an empty classroom at Oak Park High School, the sounds of clippers and laughter could be heard throughout the hallway, as local Michigan barbers got the boys right for their big moment in front of the camera. After a fresh shape up, each ambassador slid on a fresh fit and stepped into a fresh pair of Timbs (all items they got to keep!), then it was Lights, Camera, Action!

“You cannot do a kindness too soon, for you never know how soon it will be too late” – Ralph Waldo Emerson

From shots of these new ambassadors candidly posing in the hallways, to them goofing around on the basketball court in the gymnasium, these six young men were given an exclusive opportunity to reflect their best style and smiles in front of the camera. There were even shots of them “engulfed in their studies” in the school’s auditorium, a highly unlikely occurrence after school hours on a Friday. But you get the point!

Nevertheless, this was an unforgettable moment for these young men and a moment that may have shaped and inspired something new in each of them.

Special thank you goes out to Vizion 4 Change and Ms. Ramona Edwards of Oak Park High School for being on board with this initiative. An even bigger shout out goes to those six young men who stepped out of their comfort zone and tapped into their inner Swag to be Brand Ambassadors for a day!!


February 4, 2019

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