Black History Month | Paving The Way For The Future

This year we commemorate Black History Month (BHM) through our social media campaign at our @dtlrlifestyle page.

The objective for this campaign is to educated the masses about individuals that have made momentous contributions to not just Black culture, but to American culture in general.

Daily uploads of African American historical figures are being posted on our Instagram account,@dtlrlifestyle, either as a graphic or short video (videos feature the acting talents of local grade school youth, coupled with voice overs of some of your favorite DTLR Radio hosts!), that provide more than just the opportunity for you to double tap and scroll. With each upload, we encourage our followers to interact with the questions and conversations presented in the content.

From athletes such as Althea Gibson, to inventors such as Lonnie Johnson, to activist such as Bayard Rustin, this years campaign highlights the contributions and accomplishment made in the past that have paved the way for our future creative minds, athletes and advocates. These cultural contributors were able to face adversity head on and fight for not just equality but for their own voice to be heard and we want to encourage the next generation to continue to do the same, until equality is truly widespread.

You don’t know where you’re going, if you don’t know where you came from!

Throughout the campaign we encourage our followers to do more exploration into these historical figures. Use them as a muse to find your own voice and make your own impact. You will not only discover who these individuals are, but will also discover a piece of yourself, so take some time to visit the @dtlrlifestyle page!


February 11, 2019


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