Soulja Boy: The Man, The Myth, The Legend

A brief exploration of the illustrious (and meme worthy) career of Big Drako aka Soulja Boy.

Unless you’ve been under a rock or off the grid, then you know all about the man, the myth, the legend, Big Draco aka Soulja Boy.  With so much noise in 2019 from the guy who once “killed hip-hop” circa 2007, validity to some of his claims would be irresponsible to deny.  Once prospering during a time when physical sales were alive and ringtone sales provided additional capital.  His recent animated series of rants proclaiming himself “the hottest rapper in the game” or “having the best comeback of 2018” are both memeable and totally false.  Never once truly questioning his impact on rap with his successful physical to digital conversion influencing the direction of the genre. The disruptive noise of heavy syllabled shots involving the likes of Tyga, Drake, and Kanye West (though who really minds that anymore) have made us laugh hysterically, totally disregarding his factual legendary status.  

Beef, a rap ritual norm, has been no stranger to Soulja Boy.  When rap purists couldn’t fathom new age sounds and means of consumption, the (insert whichever city he’s actually from) native rose to fame with a not so traditional song and dance that blew up via the internet for the first time ever.  On the attack, active and non-active rappers cried death to the genre. When sentiments of this new wave weren’t accepted by his rap counterparts, statistically Soulja Boy thrived. Changing the game overnight once more, ringtone rap and youtube stardom began its climb.

Despite irrelevant feuds with Ice T, Snoop Dogg, Bow Wow, Hopsin, Chris Brown and anybody else who Big Draco felt resistance from.  His career blossomed with infectious melody after melody dispelling all talks of being a one hit wonder, eventually becoming a full fledged influencer and social media pioneer before his time.  The very tool that Soulja once used to harness his career soon became his nemesis. From a home invasion that spawned the #SouljaBoyChallenge to Love and Hip Hop (and award show) meltdowns, the spotlight shifted from highlighted hit making ability to suspected drug abuse; ultimately becoming the laughing stock of the internet.   

“I had the greatest come-back of 2018”.  A bonafide lie (nothing new to followers of the career of Deandre Way), Big Draco is doing just that as of January 2019.  With a recent press run by way of a viral shake up in the social stratosphere, Soulja Boy now holds the ball in his court reminding the world of his true and false blueprint left on the industry. With stories of known and unknown artist discoveries including Chief Keef, Rich The Kid, Famous Dex, and the exaggerated making of artists such as Drake and Lil B becoming a viral joke.  Soulja Boy once again lands himself in the midst of the public eye.  All press becoming a seemingly good press agenda, the multi-business mogul has stuck to his obvious disposition for relevance by any means necessary.  With new music being last on the listeners list of needs from the 12 yr veteran, the potential comic relief provided may be an understatement to say the least.  

Darnell Schoolfield

Nell is an established writer with years of experience contributing to the building of brands through journalism, web building, brand management, and artistry. Follow him on Twitter.Twitter

January 22, 2019

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