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Predicting Next Year’s Super Bowl Halftime Headliner

We’re already foreseeing the Super Bowl performances for 2020. Read below.

The Super Bowl Halftime show is the most viewed annual music performance of each year. The likes of Michael Jackson, Katy Perry, Beyonce, Bruno Mars, and Madonna, amongst others have all contributed their talents to be the entertainment on football’s biggest night. The performers benefit significantly, usually seeing large spikes in their music’s sales and streams for that week. This year should be no different, with Maroon 5 headlining the show, featuring special guests Travis Scott and Big Boi. With 2019 officially in gear and the music world beginning to shape early on, here are some early projections as the most likely candidates to headline next year’s (2020) Super Bowl Halftime show.

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Travis Scott

He may be already performing alongside Maroon 5, but a full Travis Scott set has the potential to light up the world and unite music fans alike. There is a rarity about Scott’s talent. His appeal and his execution speaks volumes to many different demographics, a trait that appeals to the Super Bowl audience. Though another album from him this year is unlikely, I wouldn’t rule out him performing some of his current catalog to a highly interested audience.

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Kanye West

Ever so controversial, you can’t deny the talent that Mr. West continues to possess year after year. Though his catalog boasts several highly important classics, this year West vows to release a new LP. One who doesn’t turn down any publicity, don’t surprise to see him take center stage yet again.

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Taylor Swift

2018 was a somewhat surprisingly silent year from the biggest woman in pop music. While that doesn’t mean much, being that she was touring the world and doing record numbers, after signing a new deal with a larger label, all signs point to a new album from Swift coming this fall. If she does, be prepared for the NFL looking to capitalize on the biggest name in music… well second only to…

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Politics aside, there’s no denying Drake’s type of commercial appeal is what musicians of all genres aspire for. He has a catalog that has topped the chart in almost every category fathomable. He has remained on top of the charts for ten years now. It is almost a surprise that he hasn’t taken to the big stage yet in his career. If the price is right, don’t be shocked of he is headlining next year.

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Ariana Grande

America’s pop princess has been at an all-time high as of late. Her most recent hits have helped her rebound from a high profile series of breakups, deaths, and public tragedies. What hasn’t been a tragedy, however, is her growing fanbase. They only seem to continue to support her over the years and it doesn’t appear to stop, with her new album scheduled to release next month. “Thank u, next” became her first number one single, and if it is any indication, expect her to be the leading candidate on Super Bowl Night in 2020.



January 29, 2019

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