Don Q Speaks on Rap Beef with Tory Lanez

Don Q granted Tory Lanez’ wishes to get the rap beef started after their IG feud scathing diss over Diddy’s “Victory”.Don Q wasn’t just galivanting with his presumption of an “ugly affair,” when he teased us with the existence of an all-intensive Tory Lanez diss record, cover art and all. In the end, it only took Q 5 hours to follow-up on his presumption. “I’m Not Joyner” showcases Don Q at his very best, tackling all of Tory Lanez’s presumed “irksome” traits– at least in his own mind.

Raven Paris had to call Don Q to get the exclusive on exactly how this rap beef even got started. This is the first and only time Don Q has spoken out about how he feels regarding Tory. Don Q claims that Tory Lanez co-opted much of his style from the early Drake-era. You’d have to think, Tory Lanez is probably hard at work digging up dirt right now. Lets see what Tory Lanez come up with next!

Raven Paris

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January 30, 2019

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