Travis Scott Comes to Philly– Our Astroworld Experience

The phenomenal insanity of the Wish You Were Here Tour made its way to the Wells Fargo Center and Philly and we were along for the ride!

Travis Scott just might be leading the charts as best rapper/performer of our generation. The “Sicko Mode” star put on a production that was out of this world. Literally, the greatest show alive! Chilling “Goosebumps” crept over our bodies like a electrifying jolt of shock during every set. For a more animated appeal and dedication to the album theme, rideable rollercoasters were in the center stadium. He’s revived the spirit of the shuttered Six Flags AstroWorld of his youth and taken it national. Other lively experiences included a Ferris wheel contraption, an inflatable astronaut, a giant golden Travis head and fireworks. The whole concert was a dramatic circus– Scott sure knows how to put on a show.

The insanity didn’t stop there! The energy was electrifying and only increased with each song. More shy in real life, the not-so loquacious rapper turned off his nervous energy and transformed into a complete rager– as he encourages his fans to do the same. What moonwalking is to Michael Jackson, unhinged leaping is to Travis Scott. Throughout the night, Travis managed to keep whipping the crowd into a frenzy.

“Three words to describe the Travis Scott concert: Legendary. Exhausting. Once-in-a-Lifetime.” – Brian, DTLR VILLA Photographer/Videographer

The Astroworld– Wish You Were Here Tour is chaotically precise. His music is alway designated with a large audience in mind and this concert was all about that. Our experience was a permanent one. The crowd was aggressively entertained, causing us to be pinned against the medal rails like a wild rodeo. The mayhem was so intense we literally cracked a rib. But we survived and will likely do it all over again if we could.

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December 3, 2018

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