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Tyga, Back Like He Never Left

After societal hiatus, rapper Tyga continues rising to the occasion with his music and his success.

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Living in a “what have you done for me lately” society, most rappers are remembered for what they may have unfavorably done last year. So much so that folks rarely remember the good that they’ve consistently grown accustomed to. Blindly losing appreciation for the artist they love because of it, fans become haphazardly dumbfounded when new music reaffirms what they may have foolishly forgotten, while bringing up the age old conversation of a “comeback” when most never even leave. Prompting the crucial friendly reminder in order to cancel all neglect, all the while putting respect on the name of a modern day twerk anthem king known as Tyga.

The compton rapper independently arrived on the scene circa 2008 by way of the commercially playful single “Coconut Juice”.  Immediately erasing any preconceived notions of corny, Tyga instantly took on the reins of full fledged rap artist alongside his new found Young Money label mates on the memorable chart toppers “Bed Rock” and “Roger That”.  No signs of slowing down with infectious versatility. Tyga successfully continued his climb up the charts while linking with R&B royalty Chris Brown, dropping their Fan of a Fan mixtape in 2010.  Spawning the contagiously rewarding song “Deuces”.  

Thriving during the mixtape era.  Tyga’s career shifted into overdrive as the rapper reigned supreme releasing 4 separate solo projects in the span of a year (Well Done, Black Thoughts 2, Well Done 2, B*tchImTheSh*t).  Notably producing gritty freestyles (“Hard In The Paint” & “Snapbacks Back”), alongside progressively sound tunes “Bad B*tches”, “Make It Nasty”; and his first top 10 solo record “Rack City”.  He fruitfully made his way into early 2012. His debut album Careless World: Rise of the Last King put listeners on a “here to stay” notice with the Drake and Lil Wayne assisted hits “Still Got It” & “Faded”.  

On the verge of yet another prosperous year.  Tyga’s Hotel California album release garnered more fire alongside Future and Rick Ross (“Show You” and “Dope”) perfectly embodying his cemented snap rap and romanticizing sound.  On a bonafide run, the Young Thug assisted “Hookah” closed out his 2014 on a high note as he prepared fans for 2015’s Fan of A Fan collaborative album effort with Chris Brown.  Adding another multi platinum hit single under his belt, “Ayo” catapulted the LA native to higher heights.  

Easily becoming the talk of the town.  From 2015 – 2018, his work on the big and small screens via Dope, Barbershop (3), Kingin’ W/ Tyga, and Scream (the tv series) kept the MC busy in the midst of dodging and clarifying rumors presumably jading the minds of many.  Blinders lifted after his public relationship and teased “Kardashian Curse” came to an end early last year. Tyga’s ten year effort producing undeniable hits is yet again on full display as he does what he does best recently dropping four different but eerily similar 2011-esq snap and clap twerk anthems (“Kream”, “Dip”, “Taste” & “Swish”) .  Beating the fictitious odds; 2018 Tyga confidently gambles and wins big by way of his single “Taste” achieving his first top ten chart entry in three years.       

With the idea of a “comeback” falling on deaf ears once waking up out of a social media slumber grasping his inaccurate departure.  Tyga’s latest single “Dip” alongside Nicki Minaj (amidst the chaos) confirms his effortless hit making muscle memory.   Whether during his Young Money days, Kardashian maze, & G.O.O.D Music praise.  The Last Kings CEO’s documented work ethic and musical abilities should never be questioned.  Forcing the nonsensical slander to a necessary screeching halt.

Darnell Schoolfield

Nell is an established writer with years of experience contributing to the building of brands through journalism, web building, brand management, and artistry. Follow him on Twitter.Twitter

November 1, 2018


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