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Cardi, Lil Kim for Mariah’s Next Hit?

28 years into her career, Mariah Carey could very well be on track to grab not one, but two monumental hits in the current stage of her career. Earlier this week, we reviewed Mimi’s impressive new album, ‘Caution’, which has received universal acclaim from all major music critics. In fact, the album has attributed her best reviews since 1995’s “Daydream”, which featured hits “One Sweet Day”, “Always Be My Baby”, and “Fantasy”. Ten years ago, the thought of Mariah surpassing The Beatles record of 20 #1 singles on the Billboard Hot 100 would’ve seemed an inevitable feat. Ten years later, however, and the highest Mimi has been able to score since her last #1 hit, “Touch My Body”, is #7 with “Obsessed”, and that was in 2009. Despite several setbacks in this last decade, the Songbird Supreme doesn’t seem on the verge of backing down any time soon, and could finally be on track to make music history once more in her already storied career.

Carey’s recent release, ‘Caution’, comes on the heels of a critically acclaimed Vegas residency, titled “The Butterfly Returns”. The show will open up for a second leg in February of 2019. A tour in support of the album is slated to begin in late February following the residency. She was recently announced as a nominee into the 2019 Songwriter’s Hall of Fame class, a rarity for women in music of her caliber. As impressive as all of this may sound, the question remains what does this have to do with Carey’s ability to reign at the top of the charts once more? Well, the proof is in the calendar.

The album debuted at #5 on Billboard’s 200 Album Chart with first week sales of 51,000. 28 years into her career and into a business oozing of streaming, that is a highly impressive number. Carey’s album has been well received by all major music critics. If that’s not enough, she recently went on a promo spree in the United States to discuss her record and get her music across the masses. So why does this time of the year best suit her? Seven popular words: All I Want for Christmas Is You. Carey’s yearly monster during the holiday season officially took over US airwaves and retails for its annual dominance on Black Friday, exactly one week following the release of her new album. For Carey, the timing couldn’t be more perfect. Last year, the single skyrocketed to #9 on the Billboard Hot 100, becoming her 28th top 10 single 23 years following its initial release. Earlier this year, Carey’s fans helped redeem formerly panned soundtrack ‘Glitter’ to the top of iTunes album chart. They have already propelled the holiday tune to the top 10 of iTunes US Chart, which is an early indication that the track could go onto surpass it’s current peak of #9. If properly marketed and campaigned, there is little doubt that this could indeed become Mimi’s 19th #1 on the Billboard Hot 100 closing out 2018. If not….there appears she may have one more option.

It appears the obvious plan is to coast into the holiday season to ride the waves of her yearly surge in sales. This all ends the day after Christmas. For the past two years Carey has headlined Dick Clarke’s Rockin’ New Years Eve show: one year to a disaster and the next for redemption. In an effort to break the tie, Mimi should return to the grand stage once more… but this time, she shouldn’t show up empty-handed. With the exception of Charmbracelet, every Mariah Carey album has had a significant hit record to assist it in promotion and sales. Unfortunately, though there’s ample potential to do so, ‘Caution’ lacks that. At least…for now.

Standout track “A No No”, which samples Lil’ Kim’s legendary track “Crush On You”, has been getting a lot of attention from fans and music lovers over the past month. In a recent string of interviews, Carey was asked about the possibility of collaborating with other artists, and when the topic of a remix for the popular gem came up, she professed she’s eager to do the official remix with Lil’ Kim and Cardi B. While a collaboration with Kim and Mimi would do nothing significant on paper in 2018, the addition of Cardi, who is one of the biggest names in music right now, would surely add a spark to the track in more ways than one. Reps for both Cardi B. and Lil Kim have been hush on official statements, but made inferences on social media that the collaboration is indeed happening. Cards B. and Mariah were both spotted coming out of the same studio this past Friday at different times of the day. 

Whether or not the dream track will come to fruition remains to be seen in the next few weeks…. or if timing is of the essence, it’ll be unveiled around December 28: the first Friday following Christmas. Mariah has always been a fan of Lil’ Kim and has had a reputation for working with up-incoming artists on big tracks. Cards is no longer and up-incomer and has made quite the name for herself, with three #1 singles to her credit. Please be assured that if the track is indeed coming, music lovers will be ecstatic, Nicki Minaj will be throwing shade, and Carey could find herself back in a place she has so long missed…. #1.

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