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Ariana Grande Scores First #1 Single

Ariana Grande set for first Billboard Hot 100 #1 with “thank u, next”…. But what took so long?!

Often described by critics as the successor of Diva Legend Mariah Carey, Ariana Grande has caused quite a storm on the scene since her debut a mere five years ago. After conquering the world of television on Nickelodeon, Grande splashed on the mainstream scene with the success of breakout single, “The Way”, a collaboration with the late Mac Miller. The catchy, infectious pop track quickly earned the young starlet comparisons to the likes of Mariah Carey, not just from her production, but too for her vocality and use of her whisper register. Fives years later, Grande has made quite an impact of her own with ten top 10 songs and a legion of fans that follow her every move on social media. However now, at the age of 26, Grande could be on route to the biggest song of her career of early indicators are a forecast for the future.

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Grande’s latest offering, “thank u, next”, is a stand-alone along single projected to take the young powerhouse higher than she’s ever been before: #1 on the Billboard Hot 100. The Hot 100 chart weekly updates with the 100 biggest songs in the country based on purchased downloads, radio AirPlay, social media engagement, and internet streaming. Despite a highly successful career this far, Grande has yet to amass the top of the ever important chart thus far in her career…until now.

Her biggest hits on the chart to date, “Bang Bang” (with Jessie J, Nicki Minaj) and “”Problem” (with Iggy Izzaela) peaked at #3 and #2 both respectively in 2014. This year, Ariana released her fourth studio album, Sweetner, which has boasted her two more top ten singles, though neither reached the heights of her former releases. So what’s different about her latest single?

Since the release of her August album, Grande has remained a fixture amongst the media. After splitting from ex-boyfriend Mac Miller, she began dating Pete Davidson. Shortly after, the two two love birds announced their engagement. In the midst of their very public relationship, her ex, Mac Miller was found dead on September 7 of this year.

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Grande’s latest single plays off of her very public breakups with her exes, including Big Sean, Pete, and yes.. Mac Miller. Musically, the record is a slower paced mid-tempo ballad that has received mostly favorable reviews from critics, especially following a very emotional performance of the song on The Ellen Show earlier this week.

So what about this single contributes to its destined climb to the top? In terms of quality, while the single is undeniably catchy, it doesn’t fair better in a final product than the likes “Problem” and “The Way”. What the single does do, however, is capitalize on an unfortunate event and as a result propel her to a large feat in her young career.

The combination of heightened drama to her failed relationships and the unfortunate timing of Miller’s death have lead to high anticipation on Grande responding to such incidents, similar to the shooting that occurred at her European tour date last year. Taking nothing at all away from the record, but many critics are convinced the album’s inevitable debut to #1 is surely a wise, though questionably immoral, business move to take the young beauty to the top of the charts.

The Hot 100 will be revealed this Monday, November 12. What do you think?

*Update: Grande’s song reached #1 and is currently on it’s third week atop.

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