Unboxed Episode 36: DTLR VILLA X New Balance 998 “Four 4 Four”

On this episode of UNBOXED, we sat down with the biggest New Balance collector Richie Roxas to take a closer look at our exclusive New Balance US998.

Richie (@newbalance365) was gracious enough to take us down his 25 year New Balance timeline. What started as a footwear to accompany his skateboarding habits, Richie has successfully owned over 600s pairs of NB since the early ’90s. He talks about the shoe’s comfortability and his favorite model, the Grey US1300. For more on his story and his take on our exclusive US998, watch the video above.

Cop your pair of the New Balance 998 ‘Four 4 Four’ online and in select stores on October 26th at 10AM!

Jakaila Mustafa

Jakaila is the Editor-in-Chief for the DTLR VILLA "The Lifestyle" blog. She received her Bachelor of Arts in advertising from Temple University. Most importantly, she has a cat.

October 24, 2018

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