REC Philly + Lyft #AMP2AMP Music Experience

Powered by Lyft and mixed by three incredible deejays, REC Philly took their talents to another level with this free music experience.

Home to creatives and notable artists around the city, REC Philly truly knows how to capture great moments in modern music. Over the weekend, they hosted a free music experience at the Underground Arts. This wasn’t the typical REC session we’re used to. Opening sets by @joshualand and @deejaysylo rocked the house with their individualities and contrasting melodies. While headliner and Seattle native, @sango_ closed out the show with his eclectic mixes of hip hop and woozy R&B tracks. The night was a love story to music, a melodic journey through the night, storytelling from three refined deejays at its finest.

Representation of pure artistry was showcased throughout the entire night. As each DJ’s set list was engaging and had the entire basement on inferno, guests were welcomed with an open bar and glowing Lyft sticks for a more “lit” experience. REC Philly continues to live up to their free-thinking reputation, letting each deejay be their own bosses and formulate their own authentic mixes. It was like being at three different concerts, but the feeling was consecutively engaging.

Overall, the night was a home run! Decorated in good fashion, fun and glowing pink settings, the night was nothing less than exceptional. otherwise, a late-night banger. Did we forget to mention the free Lyft ride to the venue? Clutch.

If you don’t believe me, or carelessly failed in attendance, here are some photos from the night.

photos by DTLR VILLA Videographer + Photographer, @visualphilly.

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October 1, 2018

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