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Khalid Releases New EP “Suncity” An Ode to El Paso

Over the weekend, the amazingly talented and abundantly joyful, Khalid, released his latest piece of work dedicated to his beloved city of El Paso, Texas. This love letter of an EP titled “Suncity” will be Khalid’s second piece of work following his groundbreaking debut album, “American Teen”.

Khalid, only 20 years old, skyrocketed to superstardom two years ago when Kylie Jenner played his first single “Location” in the background of one of her many Snapchat stories. The highly influential social media/reality star instantaneously helped him gain views by showcasing to his undeniable talent. Without a skip of a beat, Khalid would become America’s favorite new talent and the face of El Paso, Texas. In his two years signed to RCA Records, Khalid has headlined three tours, been nominated for five Grammy Awards, won a Billboard Music Award and Video Music Award, and sold over 1 million pure sales of the album “American Teen”.

While Khalid’s first two years where quite the whirlwind, he is back with more original music. Khalid has dove back into his soulful vocals with modern production and a twist of southern influence for “Suncity”. This seven-track, 21-minute long escape from reality offers two skits; one that reminds listeners of the incredible honor of receiving the key to his city just over a month ago (“9.13”), while the other tackles common fears and anxieties that are often overlooked (“Salem’s Interlude”).

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Khalid is doing a great job challenging his production on tracks like “Motion” where he switches up the ending of the song and slows down the vocals to intensify the emotions in the lyrics. He also features a latin inspired record titled “SunCity” that includes his only feature with an artist called, Empress Of.

Despite the record not straying far from what Khalid has already produced in his previous work, it continues to be quality work that evokes genuine emotion and believable lyricism. At such a young age Khalid has been consistent in making great music and choosing the right collaborations. His foreseeable future is very promising with yet another set of quality work on “Suncity”.

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