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Def Jam Presents The Undisputed Tour: Morgan State University

Check out how the Morgan State University Bears celebrated their 151st Homecoming during the Def Jam Undisputed Tour!

This groundbreaking HBCU tour is all about setting a powerful tone of creativity and artistry for young individuals pursuing a greater education. Supported by Def Jam Recordings and Levi’s, each college tour will take place in conjunction with the school’s homecoming, and will feature live broadcast via DTLR VILLA Radio.

Performances by Def Jam artists YK Osiris, Beau Young Prince, and Bobby Sessions.

Jakaila Mustafa | administrator

Jakaila is the Editor-in-Chief for the DTLR VILLA "The Lifestyle" blog. She received her Bachelor of Arts in advertising from Temple University.

October 31, 2018

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