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The Road To Becoming A “New Ye”

From mental illness to political vantage points– What’s going on with Kanye West these days?

Whether through casual conversation with friends or even the extended writers piece he so amply provides, I have to say that enough is enough. Just when I thought I was totally done, this past week the Chi town native took a trip back to twitter and his hometown to clear up previous months’ antics. This time, the rapper/producer/designer, with a level head, did his best to empathize with critics. In an hour long interview with Chicago’s WGCI 107.9, Ye touched on the obvious topics of mental health, “beef” with Drake, TMZ meltdown, returning home, and the ever so touchy subject of Donald Trump & the infamous MAGA hat.  

kanye west MAGA hat
Business Insider | Lucian Grainge, Lyor Cohen, and Kanye West in a “Make America Great Again” hat.

In the beginning of the interview, he thoughtfully dodges criticism of “no longer connecting with the people of Chicago”, simply stating, “travel and constant exposure to different environments” as crucial to the unjaded opinion. Admitting to the need of touching base with his roots, Ye makes his clear stance of non-obsession with missing the city due to focusing solely on the now. Claiming the use of time away from his town as a means of a built up master plan, his direct focus of funds is being poured back into his beloved city of turmoil.

Often dancing around questions, he meticulously selects his verbiage while throwing light shade in the direction of past accusers of treason (Rhymefest vs. Kim Kardashian). In regular Yeezy fashion, he begins his ego trip while explaining past TMZ moments as ramped up episodes– haphazardly landing at Drake loving Kanye West. Followed by purple demon emoji texts that didn’t feel protective from the man he claims friendship for. West’s disguised offerings of love evolved into reiterations of his non gangster and how he doesn’t “play like that” when it comes to the unknown purple demon emoji. This quickly stirred up some rap beef. He quickly shuts down the idea, even taking to twitter, issuing a lengthy, passive-aggressive apology to the OVO God for stepping on his release date and vowing to attend a show.  

Kanye West Drake beef
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Soon venturing down the road of the infamous MAGA hat, Kanye offers his version of remorse by simplifying his affinity for current president Donald Trump. Once again, using love as a crutch, he stands by his use of the hat as empowerment while denouncing monolithic thought.  Obviously free thinking, West admits to being non political while acknowledging his information coming solely from “The spirit, not from books.”

Before issuing said apology, Ye alludes to moments of speaking with current inmates in modern day slavery who were in agreement of his “slavery was a choice” rant. Likening himself to saviors such as Harriet Tubman and Nat Turner, he goes on to defensively object that though his wording may have been different. Finally posing as his caricature in Childish Gambino’s Feels Like Summer video, a sentimental Kendra G acted as the described black woman needed to save him. Backtracking before the loving embrace, Mr. West began to offer touching transparency of no longer feeling genuine love which ultimately lead to his downward spiral.  

Kanye West Childish Gambino
People Magazine | clip of Kanye West and Donda West from Childish Gambino’s “Feels Like Summer” video.

Does Kanye West believe Donald Trump cares about black people? Because like him, it’s about ego. Or is his mental health getting in the way of his preconditioned dialogue? The unorthodox creator seems to always become the topic of discussion. His self proclaimed versions of love usually follows some form of boast or shade– leaving most in an utter state of confusion (i.e mentioning Chicago radio playing more Drake songs than his mid apology). Mr. West longs for help. All we can hope for is a good, supportive and helpful group of individuals surround him and have his best interest at heart. That way, he never again falls from grace.   

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September 6, 2018

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  1. This article was well written although I feel as if the writer withheld some information. After reading this I went and watched the interview mentioned and found the writer of this article to be be on point with his assessment or review, but again I feel as though they were scared to give us the real.

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