Powerful Moments At The 2018 VMAs

Monday night the 2018 VMAs kicked off with comedic relief as Cardi B introduced her baby VMA award and singer Shawn Mendes who performed his hit song “In My Blood”. While Mendes got the crowd on its feet during his beautiful serenade it would seem that a promising show was on its way, but as Kevin Hart and Tiffany Haddish took to the stage next, the mood quickly changed. Their extremely not-funny comedy insured audience members that an awkward night was on its way.

With plenty of awards lined up for the night, the Queen aka Nicki Minaj would take home the first award for “Best Hip-Hop” followed by her beloved friend and co-artist Ariana Grande for “Best Pop”. Although these two leading ladies won the first awards of the night, rapper Logic made an early political statement during his tear-jerking performance with singer/songwriter, Ryan Tedder. As the two poured out their “One Day” lyrics hundreds of families united in a loving embrace to show how horrible it is that the president of the United States is separating thousands of families every day. The performance provided a subtle and heartwarming message to all watching no matter what side of the issue they reside on.

Up next would be an uplifting performance by the legendary band Panic! At the Disco. Lead singer and remaining original band member, Brendon Urie, was introduced by an excited fan otherwise known as Jimmy Fallon and outfitted with a beautiful black and gold paisley suit as he floated into Radio City Music Hall in New York City. While making his way to the front of the house the singer handed out golden poker chips to very particular audience members. The chips are speculated to be a nod to his hometown Las Vegas (hopefully real and available for cash in).

The “High Hopes” performance provided a euphoric feeling to a crowd thrilled to reminisce on their past with and an orchestra that did nothing short of elevating his performance. Urie, without a doubt, had the most outstanding vocals of the night and set up the crowd to witness Nicki Minaj take to the stage.

Nicki would perform various records off her new album including “Barbie Dreams” in true Queen fashion after stepping off her throne. As her fans went wild it was obvious to see that her fan base is absolutely obsessed with her, her hard work, and dedication to her music. Despite the negative energy she has received over the past few days Nicki was sure to give all the naysayers a show.

Despite Nicki killing it, the most important part of the show would be the reciprocate of the Video Vanguard Award, Jennifer Lopez. An artist who has not only represented well for the Latin community but broken barriers for women. She has been someone who has been able to juggle it all and admits during her acceptance speech that she never let anyone tell her that she couldn’t do it all.

A singer, dancer, and actress, Jennifer Lopez is a triple threat that in the later years of her career has been taken for granted. She has given us amazing movies, thrilling television shows, angelic music, and more importantly joy as we have watched her transcend over many years. She is nothing sort of extraordinary and reminds viewers of her talent during her quite literally golden performance. Incorporating the new and old as well her Latin roots and Brooklyn upbringing (check out her sparkling timberlands).

While Jenifer Lopez took home the Video Vanguard Award, Cardi B showed us how grateful and graceful one can be while accepting the award for “Best New Artist”; a well-deserved title for a woman who has brought countless laughs and reignited the rap industry as she skyrocketed to success.

Along with Cardi B, high honors were concealed by Childish Gambino who won “Best Direction” and “Video With A Message” for his truthful hit, “This is America”. The Carters also had a big night, receiving awards for “Best Art Direction” and “Best Cinematography”, but Camila Cabello has the biggest night taking home awards for “Video of the Year” “Artist of the Year”!

While the VMAs had some ‘flat’ moments, the good moments outweighed the bad. As the 2018 VMAs came to a close there was still time for groundbreaking performances by; adored Latin artist Maluma, ragging Travis Scott, and rock and rolls very own Post Malone and Aerosmith with special guest 21 Savage.

Anna Tsiaras

Anna is a graduate from Rutgers University where she received her B.A. in journalism. Follow her on Twitter @annatsiaras.Twitter

August 21, 2018

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