Power Ranking: Drake’s ‘Scorpion’ Track List Amid DC Tour Stop w/ Migos

It’s already become the biggest album of the year and it’s not even done just yet. Drake’s latest offering, ‘Scorpion’, has broken several records and continues to allow him to break records as an artist in 2018. The talented rapper/singer is set to embark on a tour with the Migos that has two stops in Washington, D.C. next month. While he will be sure to include records from earlier albums, there’s no doubt that ‘Scorpion’ will be the focal point of his content. Below is a ranking of each song from worst to best on Drake’s latest LP, with the hopes of him performing the higher ranked to the lowest at the show.

25. “Ratchet Happy Birthday” — It’s not that the song is bad, it’s just not serious enough to be included on a dynamic album like this… honestly.

24. “Blue Tint” — There’s just not much that Drake and Future can do together that convinces me they should continue to collaborate. This one included.

23. “Can’t Take a Joke” — A likely filler track, the song does shed light on a real fad with many folks.

22. “I’m Upset” — It will certainly be performed, being it’s one of his current charting singles. The aggressive tune doesn’t offer anything in terms of progression, though, however from the versatile rapper.

21. “Is There More” — The A-side’s outro is a nice transition to the B-side. Unfortunately, that’s all it is with a definite yes to answer the question.

20. “Final Fantasy” — Remember the popularity of this game? In 2018, probably not. While it’s lyrics are rather bold, the analogy can be lost on the current generation.

19. “Elevate” — One of the earlier tracks on the A-side, this one is on the borderline of banger and sleeper. Luckily, the conviction is enough to lean it closer to the banger side. The tracks it’s between helps as well.

18. “Finesse” — It’s no Bruno Mars, but it’s a sexier meaning to Finesse than we’re used to in the last two years. An underrated standout.

17. “Survival” — The intro to the A-side is one of Drake’s most impressive openers. This ranking sounds low, but there’s more fire to come.

16. “Peak” — He gives us just enough to want more, and just little to not need excess in the B-side’s opening track.

15. “Jaded” — Vulnerable Drake returns on this mellow, dark-esque ballad.

14. “Mob Ties” — One of the more effortless metaphors that fit in perfectly to Drake’s catalog, “Mob Ties” is a gem worthy offering.

13. “Sandra’s Rose” — Lyrically, a very deep, reflective record. Highly poetic.

12. “After Dark” — Ty Dolla $ign and Static Major assist in this sexy, 2018 rendition of “Bedroom Boom”.

11. “Talk Up” — Another reminder of magic that Jay and Drake can create together. And that beat >>>>

10. “Nonstop” — There’s few things like Drake when he goes ham with his rap assertion.

9. “In My Feelings” — The biggest song in the United States right now is also one of Drake’s catchiest of the last five years.

8. “8 out of 10” — Highly underrated gem.

7. “That’s How You Feel” — The sample of old school Nicki adds some fire to this song of anguish.

6. “Summer Games” — Probably the realist, most relatable ode to summer love. Don’t fall too easy, folks.

5. “March 14” — Obviously, you’re going to make the song about your son arguably the best on the album, right?

4. “Don’t Matter to Me” — 95% of this song is all about Michael Jackson, which makes it better than 95% of the remainder of the album.

3. “God’s Plan” — No explanation needed.

2. “Emotionless” — Yes, the lyrical content is arguably the strongest on the album. It, however, is only emphasized further by that timeless prime-era Mariah Carey sample.

1.”Nice For What” — Hands down.

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