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Nicki Minaj Releases Outstanding New Album “Queen”

In recent years, Nicki Minaj has dealt with loads of negative comments, speculations about her relationships and lifestyle, as well as constant scrutiny about her being an artist who isn’t delivering music. It would seem, at the time, that she was making her way through the industry quite promiscuously, but maybe she was living life. After all, how does one make music without stories to tell?

Despite the fact that she may have been living her life to the fullest, Nicki Minaj has not released a full project in quite some time, 2014 to be exact. Although it doesn’t seem long since Nicki blasted her bottom all over every medium possible with her hit single “Anaconda”, her sound has been missed greatly considering some singles and collaborations were not up to par.

With Nicki’s new album “Queen” making its way to listeners worldwide it is clear that a more mature and respectable Nicki has arrived, one that doesn’t rely on the media antics, outrageous styling, or backing from men.”Queen” is an album that can be described as elegant, chic, and classy. From the album cover to the contents inside of the album, Nicki has been thoughtful in the process by dialing down her many personalities. In a way, she found a bit of normalcy but didn’t lose her creativity either.

Nicki mixed her album with precision, allowing listeners to have a little bit of everything from her pop sensations with beloved Ariana Grande, on a track titled “Bed”, to her old school nod to the famous Notorious B.I.G. on the record “Barbie Dreams”, and unforgettably touching her Caribbean side on “Ganja Burns”. Nicki also included many features that expand her audience without overpowering her; artists like The Weeknd, Foxy Brown, and Eminem are surprisingly complimentary.

Nicki has slowed down her flow on the album, giving listeners the ability to have lyrics sink in while her delivery remains smooth throughout and leaves Nicki’s various personailities in the distance past. This album is very listener friendly and is strongly urged for rap and hip-hop lovers who have turned their back to the artist. It is no doubt worth the chance.

Many will speculate that in Nicki’s absence window open has been opened for other female artists to step to the forefront, but with this latest project, it is clear Nicki has taken the time to better understand herself, her life, and future direction in this industry.

In Nicki’s latest video release for the song “Ganja Burns” Nicki reveals and interesting and very calculated response to the questions that have arose over the years through a story about “A Queen”. She endes her story with a quote when the queen was asked why she let her army be defeated; “So that generations for years and years to come, would know; that even in the gave, he is lord.”

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August 15, 2018

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