July Music Top/Flop Picks: Wiz, The Internet, Iggy, Tyga, Ciara

Summer music is always a trend in urban music. The quest to create that perfect banger that is utilized as the soundtrack to someone’s summer party, birthday, or wedding is enough to make artist search to crank out their most savvy releases annually during the warmest time of the year. For those mentioned on this list, the summer found itself largely already dominated by the likes of Drake and Cardi B., both still riding high on both singles and album charts in the United States. In the wake of these successes, there have been some under the radar efforts released more recently by both known, and lesser known artist. Here’s a quick breakdown of July’s overlooked gems and mixed bags.

Flop: “Rolling Papers 2”, Wiz Khalifa — While it is certainly safe to say that Wiz’s best days are behind him, its even safer to say that his latest release won’t be one that is embraced by many of this generation. The album itself has failed to reach significant album sales or streams, continuing the trend that Wiz has kept over the better half of this decade since 2013. In terms of quality, the LP fails to offer anything new in terms of production and ear-candy hooks. Everything sounds inspired by the same trend… being complacent. Though, it’s unlikely this will plague Wiz to his fans who’ve remained loyal to him over the course of the last decade.

Mixed Bag: (Single) “Kream”, Iggy Izaeala f/ Tyga — Never known to be taken serious as an lyricist, Iggy delivers perhaps her most confidently convincing offer to date, sampling the ever famous Wu-Tang Cland on her latest single. The single is the first off of her extended play, which dropped last week. While far from a lyrical masterpiece, her swagger and poise make this tune a contender to be a club banger if A&R ever really got behind it… or her, again.

Mixed Bag: (Single) “Taste”, Tyga f/ Offset — Yes, Tyga has released a song that you may not skip over. It’s been so long since he’s released quality music, and it has finally occurred. “Taste” offers a glimpse of the appeal he formerly shined on, with slick word play, and catchy conviction. The inclusion of Offset, over Quavo, makes the offering more of a delight as well. Unsure of whether it will become a major hit for him, but it definitely is an improvement of anything he’s released since “Rack City”.

Top Pick: (Single) “Level Up”, Ciara — One of the most overlooked and underrated performers of this generation is Lil’ Ci Ci. By no means is she a vocal powerhouse, but she doesn’t try to be. Ciara is by every means a performer in every since of the word because she dances and captivates every time her body moves. Not as dramatic or grand as a Beyonce, but Ciara fans know what they like, and fortunately for them, “Level Up” is a hit. Paying homage to the earlier days of her career with bangers like “Get Up” and “1, 2 Step”, Ciara confidently owns the beat and the record for a swagged out tribute to what brought her to prominence in 2004.

Top Pick: “Hive Mind”, The Internet — Far from the trendy trap sounds of mainstream music today, The Internet have always found comfort in being an alternative to what streams airwaves. Their latest offering continues that emphasis with arguably the strongest release of the month. “Hive Mind” continues to show the simplistic lyrical sentiments the group has previously introduced, alongside infectious harmonies, angelic production, and tactful sequencing to present an offering that is criminally unknown by the masses.

What do you think of these releases?

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