Bring Em Back: Nike Lebron 8 “South Beach”

I remember vividly the day Lebron James made ”The Decision” live on ESPN. People were in an uproar that he chose to take his talents to South Beach. By me being a fan of players more than NBA teams, I was excited to see him open a new chapter in his basketball career. This highly publicized signing from the Cleveland Cavaliers to the Miami Heat birthed one of the greatest color schemes LeBron ever had.

The Nike Lebron 8 was supplied with a 360 air unit designed to enhance leaps and bounds. The air pockets are minimized inside of a clear blue outsole. Turquoise covers most of the shoe, with hot pink accents on the tongue and shoe strings. This color scheme started an industry trend that had every brand trying to ride the wave. Since then, LeBron hasn’t had a sneaker release with the same level of hype.

One day, the Nike Lebron 8 should be brought back.


Writing is a craft that LaMon "Noy" Byrams developed at a young age, but never used it on a professional level. After interning at DTLR/VILLA, the company decided to acquire his literary talents to write compelling articles focused on their latest shoes and sneakers.

August 2, 2018


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