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Album Review: Travis Scott ‘AstroWorld’

With various albums dropping over the weekend from artists like west coast legend YG and underrated Mac Miller, Travis Scott has most certainly taken the spotlight. His personalized play on the amusement park has sparked interest throughout the prior release which has made listeners all the more eager to diverge themselves in new Travis Scott records.

With one listen it is for certain that Scott’s musical IQ has elevated immensely; using artist Stevie Wonder on the track “Stop Trying To Be God”. Scott has used this album to indulge listeners into his life through his very personal lyricism all while hypnotizing them rhythmically into his own alternative world – ASTROWORLD.

Astroworld conveys an eerie Ora that comes off as mystical and enchanting, not unlike many of Scott’s past works, although this time around fans get a glimpse of reality considering Astroworld was, in fact, a functioning amusement park (from 1968 – 2005) in Scott’s hometown of Houston, Texas. 

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Scott has used this idea of this abandoned park as an alternate world by adding witty musical arrangements and uncanny lyricism to lure listeners into the “park”; giving them free admission to a place where they can escape and unpack their minds. It is almost impossible to not lose oneself in the album when listening to the 17 tracks consecutively, the mind has no choice but to linger into this alternate universe Scott has built. 

As one track leads into the next, uncertain where songs begin and end, Scott refuses to shy away from talent amongst other artists. Unlike many artists who distant themselves from features on their indipendent projects, Scott uses Drake, Frank Ocean, 21 Savage, Kid Cudi, Migos, and many more like puppets to portray his vision and furthermore enhance the sound of his project.

Yesterday Scott released the first visual for the project, aside from the trailer to the album, for a song titled “Stop Trying To Be God”. The visual has many key points of representation that link to Scott, even using his baby mother and girlfriend, Kylie Jenner as a particular use of imagery.

Be sure to check put the album and Tweet @RUVILLA your favorite Track off Astroworld!

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August 8, 2018

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