Travel Essential: Transparent Suitcase By Off-White x RIMOWA

Editor’s Pick of minimal style for your summer travels. Timeless and luxury meets youthful and innovative. Virgil Abloh knows it best.

Making TSA a lot easier, German luggage crafter Rimowa and streetwear label Off-White bring you this summer’s must have travel piece– a transparent, iconic carry-on style in clear polycarbonate for a completely see-through piece of luggage.

Virgil Abloh, longtime collaborator of Kanye West, became menswear chief for the Louis Vuitton back in March. His decision to partner with Rimowa, a 120-year-old German brand with a much more sophisticated flare of fashion, reflected on both its dedication to quality craftsmanship and his own postmodern, internet-influenced sensibility—one that has made him and his work deeply popular with the Instagram generation of tastemakers. This looks to be a pointed push from Rimowa to appeal to a younger customer base that feeds off buzz.

But why transparency? So glad you asked. Virgil decided to make the cases clear is because it invites the consumer to bring their own hand into the design process. It makes owners become more conscious about how they pack why they pack those items. it’s personalization at its finest. 

“There’s an emotional component to owning [the suitcase] and you become a performance art piece just by using the thing. It’s like putting your items on display and rethinking the premise of a product. It coaxes out your emotional connection to your belongings — what do you want to share, and what do you want to hide?” – Virgil Abloh

Like me, you’re probably wondering how much could a “simple-looking” block of plastic really cost? Try almost as much as a flight to Europe, raking in at about $1,000 ($994 to be technical). Much like the conversation I had with my co-workers today: when you find that one necessary item you just can’t live without, cop it! But do it smart with good intensions on not risking a negative balance in your bank account. And if were a serial world traveler, this would definitely be a top candidate for a travel must have.

This luggage is a mood changer. It makes you want to book a flight to the most beautiful place and tear up those airport runways. Fair warning: you’d probably have to make everything you pack is either brand new or super clean. And don’t display any expensive or valuable items. Use solid colored cases for that. If you can’t find any cases that you would like to display, this luggage comes with the brand’s traditional Flex-Divider system in black, as well as customized bags for more efficient packing.

Would you buy this luggage piece?


The Rimowa x Off-White Cabin Multiwheel

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