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A Colossal Trend: The Chunky Sneaker is Killing it in Streetwear Culture

Footwear has found its footing– and it’s heavy.¬†

From Kanye West’s popular adidas YEEZY Boost 700 Wave Runner, to Rihanna’s Suede Creeper, the chunky platform trend is making a crazy comeback into the footwear industry– and I use the word comeback earnestly. Let’s be honest, this wasn’t always a trend we admired. Before Ye and Rih made it “poppin,” the platform shoe was assisted by the Spice Girls as the go-to, and also responsible for more than a few sprained ankles in gym classes.

Ugly footwear had started its path toward being unironic. As we transition from a time where smaller was better, faster and here to stay, we’ve reached a new golden era for the oversized. 2018 is a time where panel overlays, mixed materials, huge soles and blown-out shapes are of the commonplace. No “cares” are given and fashion has no rules anymore. Once you walk into a room full of baby boomers and they tilt their head at you with confusion because of your attire, you know you’ve made it in the fashion world. While this is the immediate reaction of the uninitiated trend of disgust, you warm up to them. Designers are geniuses in this field, tempting you to the point where we are finding roses growing from the concrete (that’s a Teyana Taylor reference). It’s prototypical fashion brainwash at its finest.

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Most of these silhouettes have been deemed subjectively ugly for many years. Populating in the “dirty and unflattering” criteria, clean shoes have become a thing of the past– at least for the chunky shoe. We’re starting to see a strong reference to the ’70s and ’80s punk culture, mixed with the ’90s and early ’00s. This era didn’t house Jordan sneaker heads or hipster street kids, and yet, this trends markets the crowd that wouldn’t be caught dead in Skechers or a thick soled Converse.

As sneaker collecting reaches an all-time mainstream high, the chunky shoe ranges from affordable retailers like adidas to high end fashion brands like Gucci and Raf Simmons Ozweego with the Balenciaga Triple S. Not too shy to be bold, these big time fashion moguls evolved the entire game, detailing with more graphic and color combinations from dark to bright.

Niche style trends come and go. With the era of social media, things become so viral so fast, and soon, they’re played out. Trendsetters are always looking for the next new wave. Right now the chunky look is being seen all over– from streetwear to flowery dresses.

photo via highsnobiety

Rather than a one-off sneaker wave, I think the inflated aesthetic is progressing from sportswear and comfortability to high fashion. You wouldn’t dare catch the famous and elite rocking a pair of chunky FILA or ¬†bulky Skechers. For those of you looking to cop the chunky style but aren’t interested in dropping your entire paycheck on a pair of the Balenciaga Triple S (ahem), you might opt for a pair of classic Nike Air Huarache or PUMA Thunder Electric.

Let us know what you think of the chunky sneaker trend. Comment below!

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July 16, 2018


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