On The Run II Comes to the DMV This Weekend: What to Expect

It is official: On the Run II will officially kick off in the United States, with its first stop here in the DMV this weekend. Mr. and Mrs. Carter will bring their highly anticipated second joint tour to Fed Ex Field this weekend for a pair of nights sure to delight both long term fans and casual concert goers. After releasing their surprise (kinda) joint album a little over a month ago, becoming parents to twins, and releasing two highly successful solo albums between 2016-2017, all eyes are ready to be on the undisputed power couple of music. For those of you who may be experiencing this thrill ride for the first time, what can you expect? Take a look as we break down some not-so-spoiling spoilers for the biggest show of the summer.

  1. The Music: With an impressive, extensive catalog than spans for close to three decades, both artist have ample material to reveal. In terms of solo performances, expect HOV to dabble more into his widely commercial catalog, with likely favorites from the Blueprint series, Magna Carta, 4:44, and of course, The Black Album. As for the queen, she’s been known to mix and sprinkle different moments from each era… despite the constant snub of her longest #1 single, “Irreplaceable”. The snub is likely to exist still, however, other favorites from B’Day are sure to be visited, especially “Deja Vu” and “Upgrade U”; both which feature her hubby Jay-Z. “Single Ladies”, “Halo”, “Love on Top”, and “Crazy In Love” are sure to be nostalgic tunes, with the inclusion of gems from both the Beyonce’ and Lemonade albums as well. As for how often they’ll share the stage together, probably a maximum of five songs.
  2. The Set: Expect several video vignettes of the 03 Bonnie and Clyde telling their love story on the big screens on the stage. Being this is another stadium tour for the duo, the stage itself should be huge and provide enough room for Jay to swag out the entire stage, and Bey’s massive entourage of impressive dancers and band members to slay.
  3. The Swag: Just as important as the setlist and the stage for this show, will be the swagger encompassed by both dynamic performers. Jay-Z’s presence will have him decked out smoothly in his spin on tailored CEO-esque attire, meets street crooner. His bride will undoubtedly have multiple suits of her own, possibly intermingled with catsuits or short two pieces. The most swagged out component of the show, however, will be the command of the BeyHive and the ROC in full demand with fans decked out in their flyest gear. The support these two will garner will be unprecedented and will make the experience that much more memorable for all in attendance.

Think you’re ready to see Mr. and Mrs. Carter On the Run? Let us know what you think!

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