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Drake’s golden career is unmatched, inconceivable and quite frankly, the best milestone of rap careers thus far. Here’s my reasons why.

Drake is truly untouchable.  To call him the “King of Rap” may be a far stretch, but to mention him as the modern day “King of Pop” may be more accurate.  Since 2016, Views jump started his streaming takeover; physical sales have dropped (due to the market), but album equivalent sales have skyrocketed. Nothing to scoff at, Drake set yet another streaming record with Scorpion amounting 1 billion streams in its first week of release. “Breaking speed records on roads that these n****** paved, and they don’t like that, it’s written all on they face.” Uncannily true, Drizzy now lives at the top of the charts only seated next to the true King Of Pop (Michael Jackson) being the only other solo artist to accumulate 30 top 10 hits.  

First artist to reach 1 billion+ streams in one week for Scorpion.

Momentarily tossing numbers aside, the music takes on a life of its own. Practically propelling him into overdrive; records like “God’s Plan” (video bringing most to tears), “Nice For What” (for the ladies), and the sudden social media takeover hit “In My Feelings”, aid his Billboard dominancy taking up 3 of his 7 slots on Billboard’s Hot 100 within the top 10 songs.

“I wanna thank God for working way harder than Satan, He’s playing favorites, It feels amazing.”

#DoTheShiggy challenge neither necessary nor unnecessary to validate his success.  Drake receives Godly favor coming out on top each time social media writes him off due to ghostwriting rumors, hidden child/deadbeat dad allegations, jamaican accent disapproval, etc.  Always one to pay close attention, Drake acknowledges all of the haters on “Scorpion.” As per usual, he passive-aggressively feeds in on tracks such as “Elevate,” “Emotionless,” and “March 14th.”  Blatantly mocking critics with a silly editors note attached to the album, Drake does all but give accent vibes on “Scorpion”, but drops a one off video freestyle defying all critic. I mean, the man is canadian people.   

In spite of the obvious hit making formula in addition to OVO stans gripping their flags.  Year by year, Drake continuously shows he’s the hardest working man in show business. Position secure, since 2010’s “Thank Me Later,” the musical megastar proudly produced 8 number 1 albums. Every release since 2015 that increased the flame, the pop star has broken streaming records each year to follow. Regardless if the music itself seems to be microwavably hot, Drake shows zero signs of letting up. Breezing through a rap beef no other “rap” artist could possibly live through if dealt the same non responsive cards. Drake reigns supreme. Competing only with himself, all is seemingly forgiven when the emotional rapper goes on explanation spree’s album to album that we all grow to love.  

Hip Hop’s golden boy can be labeled pretty much anything in the book by naysayers. Some say “culture-vulture,” and others crown him the best. The fact remains Drake will always be on top. Whether it be the Midas (platinum) touch when gracing a feature, or the anthem he creates that WE select as the single. Trust the people Drake, we’re 3-3 so far. The boy got it, and he has a plethora of stats to prove it.

Disclaimer: The views and opinions expressed in this piece are those solely of the author, and do not necessarily reflect the position of VILLA as a whole.

Darnell Schoolfield

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