Essentials Inspiration: adidas Farm Big Leaf

adidas’ recent FARM Company collection is inspired by Passinho– the revolutionary Brazilian street dance team.

Dance has been a creation inspired and performed by young men and women all over the world. These moves envision escape from the social and financial barriers of the slums, especially those from Brazil.

The Inspiration

The electrifying, pulsating music and rough dancing that was born in the heart of Rio de Janeiro has made its way to the United States– especially big brands like adidas.

The dance phenomenon “carioca funk” that has swept through Brazil and inspired this athletic wear collection is musical group Dream Team do Passinho. After the 2016 Olypmic Games in Rio, many generations of Brazilians began to showcase their emerging talent, while taking on major roles such as cultural ambassadors.

“We are young, we are black, and we feel immense responsibility because we see the hope in these kids’ eyes and we want to live up to it.” – Lelezinha of Dream Team Do Passinho

All members of the Dream Team do Passinho all were born and raised in the favelas, which is a Brazilian shack or shanty town; a slum– and towns right outside of Rio. Much like the dances, these dancers are enthusiastic and joyous about the world of dance. Their love for music and dancing is infectious, and has drawn in millions of social media followers all over.

Have you ever seen or danced the Samba? Well, much like that rhythm of music, the “passinho” was created by African descendants in Brazil that eventually gained mainstream popularity. Passinho, which translates to “small step,” is anything but that. From the fusion of pop to the breakdancing, the rhythm will leave you vibrating with dance fever.

The Look

The silhouettes of this casual trend uses simple symmetry to conjure up the classic charm of colonial Brazilian porcelain, while ramping up the juice with mouth-watering fruits and calming, yet bold, featherlike tropical backdrops. Urban attitudes meet Brazilian flavor as adidas legend is given tropical makeover by FARM Company.

Cropped Top– This bold cropped t-shirt is inspired by the Brazilian street dance passinho. An exciting tropical leaf print provides eye-catching style, and an oversized Trefoil logo completes the look.

3-Stripes Dress– This sport-inspired t-shirt-style dress modernizes a retro classic. This body-hugging dress is made of soft cotton jersey and features contrast 3-Stripes on the sleeves and a small contrast Trefoil logo on the chest. Sporty raglan sleeves end at the elbow with casual, rolled-up cuffs.

Track Jacket- The best of adidas past, remastered for the present. The SST track jacket was originally designed for tennis court warm-ups. This version is made of sleek tricot fabric, which is smooth and slightly shiny on the outside and built with just a bit of stretch for comfortable movement.

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July 6, 2018


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